Rafa talks golf with Golfing World

An interview conducted during the Olazábal & Nadal Invitational charity golf tournament aired on Golfing World yesterday. Thankfully, they’ve uploaded the video.

Posted by golfingworld.

And here are too many screen grabs.

(BTW, in the video, they meant uncle-in-law, not brother in law.)

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20 Responses

  1. leslie says:

    In the video, it mentions the team that won is Rafa’s friends plus brother-in-law team? ? Does Rafa have a brother in law or is it a joke?

  2. Hayley Outram says:

    Are you sure they meant Uncle in Law? I thought it was Toni that was the other member of his team, his Uncle… Confused??? Maybe it was Xisca’s brother, maybe an assumption was made…. Who knows… not me :-)

  3. robert says:

    And to complete the info:

    Rafa’s uncle-in-law is in the last screencap above, standing next to Rafa on the right, an amateur golfer as part of the winning golf team in that event.

    His name is Jorge José Alborch Baumann and he’s husband of Rafa’s aunt Marilén (twin sister of Rafa’s uncle Miguel Angel).

    The whole misunderstanding arose from golf pro Olazabal’s remark about Nadal’s brother-in-law being part of the winning team – and authors of this TV report thought that by ‘Nadal’ he was referring to Rafa, while in fact he was talking about 4 Nadal brothers and their brother-in-law!

  4. quid says:

    A very merry Christmas to RafaPomPom, then, or better yet imo, a very merry Christmas to “The Lord of the Courts” *, his loved ones and his entire team! Best wishes for 2014 – may your dearest dreams come true, whatever they may be!

    * Didn’t mint this “Lord of the Courts”, although I certainly wish I had. Read it, about this time last year (mid-December 2012), on my favourite Rafa poster, named “The Return of the King” – by DidMil, if memory serves, or perhaps Rafaddicted, not sure. Talk about people who really know their professional tennis!

    PS 1 – To miri:
    Thanks a million, once again, for your RafaLints, miri. Truly an unequalled overall mine of info on Nadal, anywhere on the internet, imo. Thanks a million, once again also, for your great photos.

    PS 2 – To Hayley Outram:
    Just for the records, my original comment was not addressed to you, but to miri. Being a hardcore Rafafan, miri, just like Rafa, gets a tiny bit too “bossy” to my taste at times in her comments, telling participants that they must religiously stick to the topic of a given thread, whereas those participants are simply expressing what they feel at the time, on the spot, as they feel it. Imo, who cares if a particular comment does not religiously adhere to the specific topic of a particular thread at a given point in time?

    All chill, as far as I’m concerned. A great Holidays’ season to all!

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