RafaLint: November 18th

Photo by Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson

Quick post before I fall asleep…




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6 Responses

  1. Patricia/England says:

    The talk show vid was excellent, would love to have a translation (might take a page or two!). A very happy relaxed Rafa (with a decent haircut) and lovely David. Wish we could get coverage of the matches. Thanks Miri x

  2. CB says:

    Courtney was absolutely right — Rafa’s feat in this era of the “big four” is just so totally amazing. It is always good to be reminded of that as he made it look so easy!

    Love to see Stan, Andy and Tommy included in the head of the class!

  3. Annie says:

    The vids from the talk show are , well, so different from American talk shows. Nalby looks great but somehow different? Did you notice anything, Miri? Like maybe botox or something? Rafa looks delicious as usual. I hope the exo was fun :)

    So Nole tomorrow night and then he finally gets a real break?

    I’m already looking forward to Australia…

    • L says:

      Nole Wed night, Nalby Thurs, Fri off. Nalby Sat and lastly Nole on Sun. There’s also a doubles match on Sun, I think before the match against Nole – Then he gets a break. Although he does really seem to be enjoying himself.

      • Denizen says:

        This week will line Rafa’s pockets well! I’ve read theories that Rafa would bring the whole family, that this is a vacation, that these are all charity events, etc. No, it’s a week of constant travel and appearances and performances in order to earn his paydays (probably $1.5 million per exhibition, guesstimating from prior exhos and Federer’s $2 million per that he earned last year touring South America).

        On top of his appearance fees, Rafa’s management company is making money, as it will take a cut of not only Rafa’s income but Nalbandian’s fees and Pico’s this weekend (in fact, of the four participants in the final exhibition, Rafa’s management company represents three! Coincidence? I think not!). The company’s stated purposes include putting on events, so it may be getting additional fees to the extent it organized them. And as owner of the management company, Rafa makes additional money from that. Good business!

        Incidentally, I priced the Chilean tickets – they range from $133 to over $1,000 each.

        Since his window of earning money is so small, I’m very, very happy that Rafa has taken this week to make his future more comfortable, while giving people the opportunity to see him in person who otherwise probably would not be able to. Win-win!

        He’ll take 10-11 days off after this exhibition tour and then get back to work.

        • Sharon/London says:

          Good luck to him. If the opportunity is there why not take it & making a heap load of money in the process can’t be bad no? 2013 has been an amazing year !
          Rafa will recieve criticism for his schedule in the ‘off season’ as he has often complained about the ‘off season’ not being long enough and so now he will only have 10 days rest! After a hectic year that’s not much rest time IMO but Rafa knows best!

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