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  1. Rafa4ever says:

    miri, many thx for the VDOs.

  2. Keith says:

    Nadal GOAT! Got that right.

  3. Margie says:

    Miri, Miri! How do you do this so quickly? This was soooooo much fun for me to watch all these clips and they help me with the serious “Rafa high” that I have been all all week (thanks to all your wonderful “lint”). Thank you soooooo much! He does look good in those bright colors!
    I don’t understand Spanish but I love listening to the commentary with “Ole Rafa” and “El Banana shot”! Congrats to the Spanish for such a great son and thanks for sharing him with the rest of the world!

    • Caroline says:

      «Rafa high» you said, I’v been addicted to this site like crazy all week. Hardly could work, coming back to see whatever’s new about him.
      I’m glad to see i’m not alone still carried away with this huge sucess, I feel a bit more normal now. :) As for DC, i’m one of those who worries about his health, and i also think he looked exhausted when interviewed. At the same time, I know how much he loves being competing as a team so good for him, and good for Spain!

  4. kyukee says:

    amazing! vintage rafa

  5. shamababes says:

    Why is he playing doubles? He should be resting He looked emotionally drained and exhausted…Not sure about this at all. Was hoping he would take it easy as he needs to concentrate on Shanghai. But I guess he knows his body best so…. I hope they win today, and he has a great partner in Marc so he should be fine

  6. Patricia/England says:

    Thank you for the videos, I was unable to watch the match.

    Love the Spanish commentary too Margie “banana shot” ha ha

  7. Jummy says:

    Thanx for the videos, Miri. You’re a gem.
    Now, i can enjoy a wkd of total bliss :)

    • Karen says:

      Rafa seems to be on auto pilot, hope he can keep it up until end of the season!
      It’s lovely to see him back on clay although I realise it’s not great preparation for his next tournament, but hey this IS RAFA!! :-))

  8. Aini Idora says:

    Great videos, Miri! Thanks! Keep it coming!:o)