USO: Post final interviews

Rafa appeared on the Charlie Rose show for an interview:

This is a lovely interview. And with how tired he must have been, his English is quite impressive. The interview even impressed my mom. ;) She declared Rafa to be humble and sexy.

Rafa talked with CNN:

Post match on court interview in Spanish:

And an Interview in English for Eurosport.

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  1. beegee says:

    Wow. The Charlie Rose interview was something else. All of the things that we love about Rafa right there on the table for everyone to see. Humility, passion, sincerity, kindness, etc. So impressive.

  2. Ophelia says:

    The past two days, I must say that I’ve been basking in joy and pride brought about by Rafa’s USO win. :-) I guess this is how our parents feel seeing us achieve major milestones in our lives. I agree with @begee about how this interview reflects the kind of a man Rafa truly is. <3 And thank you, Miri, for all your hard work and dedication to bring us Rafa fans these wonderful stories about our champ. Cheers!

    • Karen says:

      Great interview with Charlie Rose helped by sensible questions. Rafa looks so tired but still amazing as ever.

  3. BabeRafa says:

    Miri! Miri! Miri! What wld we have done without you. I won’t stop wishing for the day Rafa wld openly acknowledge this effort of yours even tho I know you do it so unconditionally. Luv you so much (but dats after Rafa of course)

  4. Selwyn says:

    Thanks Miri, I really liked the Charlie Rose Interview. This guy Nadal is humble to the core and acknowledges Federer and Novak for who they are. Great rivals. Tennis has been Blessed with all these great atheletes.

  5. Kathy says:

    Of both of these interviews I can only say-just lovely. His smile, his sincerity, his passion
    Lights up the room and could melt the coldest heart.

  6. dk says:

    Nice interview with Charlie Rose. It seemed like Charlie Rose’s question about tactics against Nole made give away some of his strategy that he used in the match?

  7. Ledianis says:

    What an amazing interview! This is the best interview with Rafa I have ever seen, the pace, the questions; I would say even he enjoyed it. Thanks Rafa for being such an extraordinary athlete and human being. Thanks Miri for sharing so timely; I’m almost speechless… Thanks!

  8. JayDee50 says:

    Lovely interviews, the one with Charlie Rose especially so, it just melted my heart. His answers were open, honest and humble, with not a trace of arrogance or insincerity. Lovely, just lovely. Thank you Miri.

  9. silhouette says:

    Excellent interview with Charlie Rose. How I would love to be able to have a chat with Rafa like this!

  10. jessi says:

    Thank you for posting this super interview. It showcased so many great aspects of Rafa, and his English was excellent. So enjoyable to watch this chat he had with Charlie Rose.

  11. patzin says:

    Love the Charlie Rose interview. Charlie is a fan, thoughtful; wonder how long the interview lasted; what was edited. Rafa looked very calm and within himself. He exudes confidence and understanding of what it is and what it takes to be successful. Living in the present, working hard, the journey is more important than the trophy. The warrior king.

    Patrick McEnroe has said, there is no one like Rafa.

  12. Patricia/England says:

    What a lovely interview, Miri your mum is right. Thank you, we would be lost without all your hard work and information.

  13. Dorothy says:

    Thank you Miri! This Charlie Rose interview of Rafa is truly special. Rafa continues to amaze me as he answers questions with such excellent timing, clarity and ease.

  14. Lan says:

    Miri, million thanks. You are very kind and hard working person I’ve ever known. I truly appreciate very much for all the links and information you posted. Thanks again.

  15. Sammy says:

    Thanks for the Charlie Rose interview Miri; I missed it and I’m really happy to watch it. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rafa be so thoughtful, emotive, confident and all around brilliant in an interview (credit to Rose who asked him probing, interesting questions). And I agree, his English is remarkably good; much better than in his press conferences. Speaking of his English, has anyone ever heard a more adorable pronunciation of the words “unstoppable” and “confusion”? LOL! What great champ and an even greater human being.

  16. Patricia Orona says:

    Lovely, lovely. Rafa is the best, humble, sexy, What a human being. So proud of being his fan, love you Rafa.

  17. Fiona says:

    Wonderful interview with Charlie Rose. Rafa was so lovely on it – showing all the characteristics we love about him – passion, humbleness, emotional…. He has grown into such a mature guy. Thank you so much for posting it Miri. You do amazing work on this site.

  18. Merilyn says:

    This interview with Rafa by Charlie Rose was great – I had to share it especially for all my tennis friends who have such a passion for this sport. Here we have a man who has dedicated himself to tennis and shown us to what extremes one can go when you have a passion and desire to succeed. He is no doubt in my mind, and I’m sure many others, the greatest tennis player of all time. He has proved over and over again that he is the hardest working player on the court in his ability to play every point like it is the last and to keep striving for more improvement. His composure on and off court, his acknowledgement and compliments to his opponents, especially Roger and Novak show how humble he truly is. What a great example he sets for our younger generation of up and coming tennis players who can look up to him and strive to follow his example. He has made his family and friends forever proud of him. I am so grateful that my sons have had the privilege to watch his exciting matches and see his drive for success.