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6 Responses

  1. Isabelle says:

    Well that was as cute as it gets!

  2. Poochini says:

    Oh my God that was really awkward. Poor Rafa! I mean really, having to talk to a bunch of tongue-tied fans (as I’m sure I would be) when it’s not even your language. I don’t think it was Babolat’s best promo. But his smile and laugh are just so cute as always!

    • nolanola says:

      You are right about poor Rafa and awkward, but I can’t imagine being tongue tied…there are so many things I’d want to ask him and so many things to thank him for…

  3. Beth McClure says:

    That was just toooo sweet!

  4. serene says:

    I find the whole thing adorable and not awkward at all. In fact, Rafa handles it very well and in such a charming manner too. These are really some lucky fans.

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