RafaLint: July 16th

Photo by Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson

Wooo! Video evidence that Rafa’s back to practicing…and without any tape on his knee. This YouTube version has Spanish subtitles for those who do Spanish.


  • El reto americano – via ultimahora.es. Article about Rafa’s practice session today. (mangle)
  • The player list for Cincy is out and here’s the announcement.
  • Bryan brothers would be tested in this dream doubles tournament – by Bruce Jenkins (si.com). I so want Rafa/Roger doubles too.
  • Catching up with Rafael Nadal – by Courtney Nguyen (si.com)
  • Photos:

    Rafa does social media:

    • Rafa let us know he was practicing with Zimonjic (which is random and hot).

    Social media related to Rafa:

    Random Boris tweet!


    9 Responses

    1. heath says:

      Interesting to note the lack of taping on that left knee… Vamos, Rafa :)

      *sigh* I have sooooooooooooooo long wanted Rafa and Roger to play doubles together in a tournament as opposed to a game in a charity event; they’re my tennis dream team and I would pay serious money to see them on the same side of the net.

    2. Rafaella says:

      So excited for the upcoming tournaments. I hope Rafa can move as well as he did in Indian Wells this year. I want to see the no.1 next to his name again. Lalalalalala :D

    3. JayDee50 says:

      I love Boris being a Rafa fan!

    4. Onye says:

      Love Rafa n Roger as doubles partner. Love.
      Nice…Becker likes Rafa.
      Rafa will definitely be No 1 again.

    5. Patricia/England says:

      Apart from Rafa I love watching the Bryan brothers, lets hope they do play till they are 40, very entertaining players. Particularly enjoyed their Wimbledon win.

    6. An says:

      Ow, i hate Monday morning meatiings, esp if they are early…. But i guess i could make an exception….. Rafa on a meering table….mmmmmmm ;)

    7. Mystic says:

      So glad to see Rafa on the players list for Cincy…because there is a good chance that I will be there! Woo Hoo!

    8. Les says:

      Does anybody have any idea why Zimonjec was hitting with Rafa? Unusual partner.Maybe the serbian was on a holiday to the island.