RafaLint: July 10th

Photo by Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson

Christian Keny kindly sent me a translation of yesterday’s German article. I’m going to post it below even if the ESPN UK article liked below is the same thing (makes me wonder which is the original article). Thanks for taking the time to do the translation and send it in!

Toni Nadal: “Rafa will come back” – from www.tennismagazin.de as translated by Christian Keny

Toni Nadal has no doubt that his nephew Rafael Nadal will start the US-hard court’s season strong after his knee injury and his Wimbledon first round defeat.

Stuttgart(SID): Toni Nadal has no doubt that his nephew Rafael Nadal will start the US-hard court’s season strong after his knee injury and his Wimbledon first round defeat. “Rafa will come back. He has no fear of this surface and no more points to defend” said Toni at the ATP-tournament on Stuttgart’s Weissenhof. According to Toni’s statement, Rafael Nadal will be back on tour on the 5th of August after a nearly 6 weeks break and will play the Masters-tournaments in Montreal and Cincinnati (from the 12th). Thereafter, stands the last Grand-Slam-Tournament of the year, the US-Open in New-York (from August 26th ). Presently the record-french Open-winner relaxes at home on the sunny island Mallorca. “He took before it vacation on Ibiza. He doesn’t hit balls at the moment, only Fitness-training and rest a bit more. The break is important, he played enough” said Toni who takes part at the project “The Making of a Wimbledon Champion”. He is jury-member with Tommy Haas and Andrea Petkovic, of this show, in which trainee are going to be tested.

The former number one Rafael Nadal surprisingly lost in Wimbledon first round to the belgian world number 135 th Steve Darcis. Nadal must come back early this year after a seven months-break because of a chronic knee injury. The lefty made history last june winning his 8th Roland Garros title but doubts because oh his knee are still remaining.



  • Semi Rafa related: Guillermo Vilas visita Palmanova i elogia Rafa Nadal, el seu successor a terra batuda. A mangle of the text on the page:

    The ex tennis player Guillermo Vilas is visiting Mallorca. Saturday, Argentine held a master class at the academy that bears his name in Palmanova. Also a talk that will review the highlights of his career. This Wednesday presented the schedule of events for this day. We used to ask for Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard is about to equal the world record of clay titles that is currently held by the of Argentine. Nadal only needs three 3 to reach the record of 45 titles held by Vilas. I saw the level that has exhibited this year, it seems only a matter of time.

  • Flashback video: Toni and Rafa teach us how to serve – well, if we speak Spanish. Notice those sculptures behind the court? Same as in the picture he posted to Facebook today. Or, check out their laugh-fest from the same series.

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  • Rafa let us know that he was practicing with Tomeu Salvà today.
  • He also made sure we knew about Josh Berry.

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  1. Heath says:

    I love those dogs too; border terriers are such characters!

  2. Patricia Orona says:

    I love the article about all rafa’s trophies. Very good memories. I can wait for more trophies, I’m very optimistic about the USO.

  3. Merrill says:

    This Nadalnews edition belonged to the dogs! I have to admit that the fact that Andy Murray is obviously over-the-moon about his dogs is one of his most winning traits. As a side note, I wonder if Rafa would be frightened of these cuties since border terriers can be quite feisty!