RafaLint: July 9th – the return to practice edition

Guess what? Rafa’s back on the practice court! He announced it by showing off his very drool worthy legs.

And, I really like the sound of this:

Not sure about the mangle on this one:

Toni Nadal: “Rafa is doing now physical, but beating training. Resting is important, since it has played enough”

Can anyone help me out with that one?


  • Toni Nadal: “Rafa wird wiederkommen” – perhaps the source for David J Nadal’s tweets. From the mangle and my knowledge of German, I understand the above better. Rafa is done with vacation and is doing physical fitness work, but not tennis training – the break in play is important because he’s played enough. (Although, that doesn’t really fit with the picture Rafa posted. Is he being a naughty boy and playing tennis while Toni is away?)
  • Murray Abu Dhabi-bound; Nadal & Federer to miss out? – by Chris McHardy (sport360.com)
  • Go Figure: Wimbledon by the numbers – by Courtney Nguyen (si.com). Well, at least Rafa didn’t lose to someone as, um, creepy as Gimmelstob (like Kuerten, the last Roland Garros champion to lose in the opening round of Wimbledon, did).


Social media related to Rafa:

Other stuff:

  • Beyond the Finish Line – I just spent 10 minutes crying after reading this and watching this video. This man’s story of survival and his spirit are amazing. I hope he can keep that spirit up and keep improving.

14 Responses

  1. Caroline says:

    «sin entrenamiento de golpeo»
    I’m pretty sure it’s: without hitting balls

    • Caroline says:

      oh and first part says he’s doing physical training. Seems he has played enough to skip few on court practices…

    • Lilia Ortega says:

      Correct. That is exactly what he means. In a nutshell “Rafa is doing strength and physical training, not hitting any balls. Rest is important since he has had enough playing time”.

  2. patzin says:

    Rafa is doing physical workout, without court practices. He has to rest a bit, but no worries.

  3. Natalie says:

    I guess it means Rafa’s doing phisical training but without sparring training (or preparation on court). Something like that.

  4. JayDee50 says:

    Tio Toni is once again causing me confusion. Rafa’s picture clearly shows a tennis racquet by his side; Toni’s words seem to suggest something different. *sigh*

    • Ch F says:

      That makes two of us. Actually I have been quite confused since Rafa’s defeat in Wimbledon.

  5. Ramara says:

    I’m guessing that the interview with Toni is a few days old. Rafa hasn’t been practicing tennis but now he’s ready to start again, as per the pic he posted.

    If miri’s right in her tweet and those are hard court shoes Rafa’s also letting us know that he’s getting ready for the hard court season.

  6. CB says:

    Thank you so much for the article about Jeff Bauman. We are all so horrified immediately after such a senseless tragedy but then we get back to our normal routine and forget that those who were directly affected will never ever be the same. A good reminder that we have to give thanks every day for all the good in our lives.

  7. Lilia Ortega says:

    CLARIFICATION…an article on ESPN in English…Rafa, on his way back.

  8. Mel says:

    Looking forward to Rafa’s return :-)

  9. Barbara Brudno says:

    I am so unhappy and worried when Rafa is too injury to play well or at all. he is the most exciting tennis player I ever have seen plus such an extraordinary human being. I hope he is able to practice soon.