RafaLint: June 11th

Photo by Pacific Coast News

Photo by Pacific Coast News

Let’s start off with some very good news. According to this article (mangle), Rafa’s seen his doctor and the tests on his knees have all been positive. Wooot!

Secondly, enjoy it before it gets pulled down: Rafael Nadal Vs David Ferrer Full Match.




Social media related to Rafa:

Just a few twitter items, so I’m going to embed them rather than storify.

13 Responses

  1. SA says:

    Any ideas on how/if Bon Jovi and Rafa are friends? Where has Lil Wayne been with his tennis fandom?!

    Miri your site is the best.

    • marcela says:

      HA. I thought the same thing. Bon Jovi? huh? Loved AmyLu’s ranking of the8 RGs. Another great post! thanks Miri.

  2. star says:

    Thank you Miri!! by the way, do you have link or idea if the full semi match with djokovic can be found? Thanks in advance!

  3. Allyn Sims says:

    It seems unlikely that Nadal or any of his people would have been so presumptuous as to say who should present the trophy. If Yannick declined, I respect that since it helped avoid stirring up controversy, especially given that both finalists ended it being from Spain.

  4. nolanola says:

    So, no woman has told Rafa he has nice legs, and that he doubts it will happen????

    Rafa, you have fabulous, magnificent legs, and every woman alive appreciates them.

  5. JC says:

    I really liked the L’Equipe interview. Nice to hear that if he is healthy and still has fun playing tennis, he will continue even after Rio. He definitely has his passion back! :)

    And this cracked me up:

    “…but it’s true that people are often mistaken about me. Mental power? Sure. Physical power? A bit less than a year ago, but yes. However, you can not win 12 grand slam titles and 24 Master 1000 because you can focus and run a lot (laughs).”

    You tell’em, Rafa! ;)

  6. jj says:

    brazilian video was for a show that mix comedy and news. Felipe Andreoli is reporter (and comic man). When Rafa won Nishikori Andreoli give his sunglasses, when won Wawrinka Andreoli give a tie because most of brazilians are supertitious and if first gift to bring luck for Rafa he give his things until final. But Andreoli said that wanted a gift if Rafa was champion (Andreolli told that a gift can be socks, wristband…). Rafa said that was supertitious too and if he was champion he give a gift for Andreoli. Andreoli received un racket!!!

    Sorry because my english is bad (I don´t study english for many years and forget many words).

    I hope you undestand me. :-)

  7. JC says:

    Well, all I know is that Rafa really likes their music. He once said that he had it on his iPod. That’s perhaps a little unusual for someone from his generation (he loves Julio Iglesias, too!), and maybe Bon Jovi picked up on that.