RafaLint: May 22nd

Rafa interview and practice footage from today:

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  • Marianne Bevis has added some photos from the Rome final to her Rafa set.

Social media related to Rafa:

Other stuff:

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13 Responses

  1. beegee says:

    Thank you, Jon Wertheim *kiss*

  2. JayDee50 says:

    From Genny-ss’s tweet:

    Rafa: “Fact that last year I won the 7th & surpassed Borg gives me an extra calm, not feeling pressure of having to win”(via @davidjnadal)

    Classic Rafa, putting the pressure firmly on to Djokovic’s shoulders even before the matches start, clever stuff IMO.

    • Rafa4ever says:

      Maybe, I’m naive. I think he genuinely meant what he said and didn’t try to put pressure on anyone else.

      • JayDee50 says:

        He most probably did mean it. But it’s so subtle, that’s what I meant by clever; directing the pressure away from himself on to others, (not just Djokovic I should have said earlier).

  3. Ramara says:

    5 Guys who can beat Nadal at RG? Maybe if all 5 played him at once. I think even Novak will need some help from either the weather or Rafa having a bad day. I’m kinda surprised they didn’t summon John Isner back from the brink of his tennis grave.

    • CB says:

      :) Exactly! I think only Novak, aided by luck, will have a chance in a 5-set match. How in the world did Tsonga and Berdych get on the list when they can barely win a set against Rafa? And Roger — seriously?! Roger is an amazing player but Rafa has his number on clay.

  4. JMS says:

    I will never get Rafatigue, ever! He will always be Rafantastic to me. :-)

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