RafaLint: May 12th

AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza

AP Photo/Daniel Ochoa de Olza




Rafa does social media:

  • Posing with the alien sex toy trophy…in bed (well, at the foot of his bed. Only Rafa.

Social media related to Rafa:

Other stuff:

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18 Responses

  1. Nikhil says:

    I was eagerly awaiting this Rafalint miri :) You’re awesome

    • Nikhil says:

      Rafa’s had probs with the umpires and the new time violation limits for sure . Pseudo fed is hilarious :D

      • Allyn Sims says:

        Djokovic, Delpo and others besides Rafa have argued with umps this season when they didn’t get a soft warning before getting a real warning. Obviously, it’s not required, but I can understand why then players would expect some consistency.

  2. JayDee50 says:

    Thank you for gathering all this lovely lint for us, Miri, I shall look forward to reading through it all with delight. However, I was intrigued to see a Pete Bodo article in amongst it and decided it had to be my first read: unfortunately I had the distinct feeling there was a real begrudging and slightly bitter tone to it, shouldn’t have been surprised really. Or maybe I’m being a bit over-sensitive? Who knows, I shall just enjoy the other articles all the more.

    I’m also really enjoying reading the tweets, great work to include these, thank you so much for your efforts as always.

  3. killian says:

    Yes, thanks indeed for all the lovely lint! I am also enjoying reading all the tweets. !Vamos!

    “alien sex toy trophy” *snort*

  4. JC says:

    Here’s another great read… hilarious and interesting, especially the part about the emphasis on Rafa’s “confidence”:


    • JayDee50 says:

      Absolutely hilarious and dripping with sarcasm, making it a must-read piece. Thanks for posting. Our beloved Sky Sports commentators do try their best, I know, but you just can’t help agreeing with Jesse’s tongue-in-cheek mocking of their analysis.

  5. JayDee50 says:

    Just learned that Tipsarevic has withdrawn and been replaced by Lukas Rosol in Rafa’s quarter of the draw. Gulbis won his match today and will play the winner of Rosol/Troicki, with that match winner being Rafa’s potential 3R opponent. There could be a nerve-wracking (for me) match lurking in the early rounds :(

    • Sharon/London says:

      Soderling beat Rafa only once (at WTF in 2009) after the shock defeat in RG 2009. He Never beat Rafa again.
      Berdych best Rafa in Madrid in 2006 where they had words. He hasn’t beaten Rafa since.

      So do you really think Rosol will beat Rafa again? Highly unlikely. Rosol played exception tennis against a Rafa who had injury problems. What has he achieved since? Not much. I only hear his name when that match is mentioned tho he did Win a tournament a few weeks ago .Rafa will be well prepared this time and it’s on his favourite surface. I have every confidence in Rafa should they meet.

      Anyone else worried?

      • JayDee50 says:

        Thanks for your positive words; I do think Rafa on clay will beat Rosol, it’s all very different circumstances this year too, the knees are in much better shape than last year. It’s just….well… not a match I will enjoy until it’s over, if you know what I mean.

        • Sharon/London says:


          That’s exactly how I feel when he plays Novak. I don’t feel it with any other player. He is the main threat though I am aware anyone can be beaten on the day.

      • Mystic says:

        Worried bout Rosol? Not at all. I would love to see Rafa double bagel this clown. Time for Rafa to get this monkey off his back once and for all. Although I understand how you can feel the way you do JayDee50 – the thought of them playing again does bring back horrible memories (that can only be erased by a Rafa victory!).
        Djokovic? Now that’s another story…but if Rafa comes out all guns blazing like he did with Wawrinka…he stands a better chance than he did in Monte-Carlo.

  6. jessi says:

    Always look forward to your post-victory posts. Thank you for posting all of the tweets. Twitter is not available in China, so I’m glad to have the opportunity to read the great twitter comments via your site.

  7. Fiona says:

    No. I would be more worried if he got an in form Gulbis, who blows hot and cold like anything. I remember a Rome match between Rafa and Gulbis a few years ago and rafa just managed to win.

  8. ophelia says:

    Jesse put into words what I have feeling feeling for a long time when he says ‘fandom of a particular player has trumped the love of the spot itself.’ I think so many fans believe that the player is greater than the game.

  9. An says:

    He…. Rafa with the alen sex toy…
    Wanna know my first tought when i saw that photo?;)

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