Madrid: Final photos

Photos from today’s title win over Wawrinka.

Photos by REUTERS/Susana Vera, REUTERS/Juan Medina, Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images Europe, and Jasper Juinen/Getty Images Europe

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10 Responses

  1. JC says:

    Miri, unless Rafa has suddenly changed to a double-handed forehand, I think #2 is a backhand ;)

    Btw. if you can find the time, it would be so nice to have some photos of Rafa’s recent trophybitings in the header. RG 2012 never made it there either. Just a suggestion! :)

  2. Phyzzie says:

    I still think that is the ugliest trophy ever. Maybe Rafa shouldn’t really bite that one!!

  3. JayDee50 says:

    Love the last photo, he’s almost drowning in ball kids!

  4. damef says:

    Thanks for the everything Miri – again love your analysis.
    I also commented on Wawrinka’s performance this season he is a fierce competitor. Rafa’s victory is a meaningful one.

    PS Giving birth to a racket is a painful affair… as we can infer from photo number 10!

  5. Trish says:

    So happy! Congratulations Rafa! All the way! All the way!

  6. jodiecate says:

    For some reason i really like #2. I mean i REALLY like it!
    There’s something so very *rafaplayingtennis* about it. Yeah it’s good.

    Taking a selfie? is just gorgeous, and holding it high.

    He even loves his ugly children gets the caption of the batch award, although Stan hiding his giggle certainly gets a special mention!

    That is one ugly trophy! Whatever where they thinking of to design that? Originality?

    Congrats Rafa, all the best for Rome!

    • Ramara says:

      Ion Tiriac isn’t known for good taste. One thing’s for sure – Rafa doesn’t have another one like it. Last time he won Madrid he and Roger got the twin salad plates.

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