Rankings: March 18th

The post Indian Wells rankings are up. I’m not sure how used we should get to seeing Rafa at #4 since he is skipping Miami and will, thus, drop 360 points at the end of that tournament. (Ferrer only has 180 points to defend in Miami. So, even if he defends none, he will have more points than Rafa by the end of the tournament.)

Pos Name Points Pos Moved Tourns Played
1 Djokovic, Novak 13,280 0 19
2 Federer, Roger 8,715 0 20
3 Murray, Andy 8,350 0 19
4 Nadal, Rafael 6,745 +1 20
5 Ferrer, David 6,630 -1 26
6 Berdych, Tomas 5,010 0 24
7 Del Potro, Juan Martin 4,830 0 22
8 Tsonga, Jo-Wilfried 3,750 0 26
9 Tipsarevic, Janko 3,090 0 29
10 Gasquet, Richard 2,960 0 23


The big mover of the week? Zeballos. He goes up from 30 notches to #43.

10 Responses

  1. v.arunachalam says:

    seedings though computed mechanically on scientific basis, in reality we find many players at lower order appear to be stronger than the official tops.for instance, federer may play few tournaments in a year as per his reported plan in which case he is expected to go down in seedings.does it mean he is inferior to anyone who plays all tournaments? anomoly must be sorted out by the commitee.hope they do.

  2. JayDee50 says:

    It’s going to be quite close between Rafa and Daveed for a while, they could swap rankings positions a few times until post-Wimbledon when Rafa can only gain (assuming that he plays post-Wimbledon that is). Let’s not forget Daveed has quite a few points of his own to defend this year too, with his 7 titles from last year so towards the end of the year I would expect Rafa to be firmly in that No 4 spot or maybe even above.

  3. sia says:

    What’s really nice to see is that Rafa has moved into the second spot in the ATP race … of course once again since he’s not playing Miami that will probably change soon but he’s on track and lets hope his ranking doesn’t pose too many challenges through the clay season. ( In most cases I think it may prove much more difficult for his opponents ;)

  4. marcela says:

    The Roland Garros seedings need to go by W/L on the surface, the same W does it. If Rafa drops to 5 and is seeded 5 at RG, it would be grossly unfair. The 7-time defending champion deserves the #1 seed or at the very least #2 seeding.

  5. krebs2012 says:

    I think Rafa can still overtake Ferrer once he wins Madrid Masters again now that it is back to red clay…

  6. rahul says:

    Rolland Garros gives seedings based on current ranking, unlike wimbledon. It will be so unlucky for Rafa if by chance he slips to No.5 , in that case he will not only get bad draws, but might also get crazy situation, facing a Joker in quarters, followed by say a murray in semis etc.
    Having full faith on his clay court talent, but still we dont want a joker at least till semis, but it will be a tough ask for him to maintain no. 4 till FO, and hope he doesnt wear himself out to gain maximum points to achieve that( he is already declaring his schedule with all 3 ATP1000 + FO + barcelona)

    If he is fit, its great, but unfortunately as he has been doing throughout his career, he doesnt realise that he will play all these event till semis/finals..just to grab some petty titles like barcelona and madrid, he will wear out himself completely and then go to Wimbledon with knees wrapped up.. Hope he understands this year finallythat 1 GRAND SLAM is more important than ATP 500+ATP 1000 combined..

  7. kyukee says:

    well rankings are really not important right now

    it’s a pity really despite Daveed being #4 for awhile; nole, rog, andy and rafa is always referred to as the big 4

  8. Heath says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with the above statement that ranking is not important; in fact I would say it is completely irrelevant right now. Rafa has to look at his priorities. What he is wanting is to be fit enough to fully compete during the clay swing (meaning he should be able to defend at least some of those plentiful points) and retain his French Open title. Seven months off the tour means that he won’t have the seeding that protects him till the business end of a tournament and if that means meeting Novak in the quarters and Murray in the semis as someone above suggested, then so be it. If Rafa is fit and firing on all cylinders, he’ll beat everyone on clay irrespective of seeding.

  9. rahul says:

    A fully fit in form Novak has beaten fully fit in form Rafa mutiple times on every surface(multiple times on clay and multiple times in grand slams), so I think Novak is definitely the only guy who can beat a fully fit rafa, and thus 4th or 5th seeding should be important. If its not for Novak, no one else should be a problem for a fully fit Rafa on clay.

    The top 4 are rightly so.. Ferrer has not been to even 1 grand slam final , and he has just won 1 ATP1000 event, that too last year in paris, when all top players were hardly competing due to fatigue. Murray even though not entirely in the league of other 3 (novak,rafa,roger).. but still he is way way superior to Ferrer in terms of consistency and performance in big events.

  10. beegee says:

    I think Rafa going into RG at #5 will cause more problems for his opponents than it will for him. VAMOS!