RafaLint: February 7th

Rafa serve

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Rafa does social media:

I *heart* their bromance:

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5 Responses

  1. Fifi says:

    Thanks for all of this Miri. It seems like almost everyone is happy to have Rafa back and wishing him well (we all know one exception in the writing world!). I really hope things continue to go well for him but I must admit I feel nervous for him, as so many people expect him to win this tournament, forgetting how long he’s been away. I would love it for him to win, but more important is for his knee to heal properly and for him to remain healthy and play tennis for years to come. Vamos Rafa and good luck for this evening matches!

  2. JayDee50 says:

    Douglas Perry’s article makes for beautiful, highly recommended reading IMO. Loved it. Thanks Miri.

  3. Fan M. says:

    Good Luck Rafa! I can’t wait for the double doses of Rafa today. Go Rafa!!!

  4. Dee says:

    Vamos to Rafa and Pico! Rafa has a tiring day today but I hope that he eb=njoys every moment of it. I really hope that Rafa’s singles match is streamed tonight!! Please stream kings, give us Rafans something to cheer about tonight!. I really want Rafa to have a good run here to the title. It will be so good for that confidence building! Vamos Rafa!

  5. Susanne Whitt says:

    Omg, I feel SO much better after watching Rafa’s single match! Given that he hasn’t played for over 7 months, he did great. Leaner, meaner, faster between points, just a little rust to shake off. Aaaaah, my interest in men’s pro tennis just increased 1000%.