RafaLint: February 4th

First up! Rafa’s name is on an OOP! He kicks off his comeback by playing doubles tomorrow “Not Before 6:00 PM”. It will be broadcast locally, so check the usual streaming sources for a stream.

Good news for those of us in the US who get The Tennis Channel, they’ve added Rafa’s first match to their broadcast schedule!

Rafa doing his promo thing for KIA.

Did he really start with “geee-day” instead of g’day? All the best, Rafa. All the best.




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19 Responses

  1. Silhouette says:

    Rafa! So excited to see him back! Yet feeling very jittery. Hope everything goes smoothly for him in Chile!

  2. Nils says:

    I’m ‘nervious’ about the match..oh waited so long for this day!!! A Rafa match!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  3. Nils says:

    I JUST LOVEE THAT PRESSER WITH THE FAN-FARE ARTICLE..(I agree with the artcile..I’m excited but scared)
    Hee..his english and his expressions in that presser!!! A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.

  4. micamica says:

    I love Darren Cahill’s tweet – “A lot of focus on Rafa’s return in Chile but spare a thought for his poor opponent as the sleeping giant awakes.”

    Murray’s comments in the Telegraph were great. Rafa needs to put the fear back into the other players in the locker room. I cannot imagine such a humble, respectful, friendly man putting fear into other players, but I know he does as the CNN video showed some of the players don’t particularly look forward to seeing Rafa on the other side of the net especially on clay.

    Oh I’m so excited right now. I wish Rafa all the luck in the world for this tournament and the rest of the year.

  5. micamica says:

    I am looking forward to seeing a different ‘most recent result’ in the box on the right of this website. I’m tired of hearing and reading about Lucas Rosol.

    Thank you Miri for so many articles today.

  6. JayDee50 says:

    I agree with you Miri about the story of the mother of the girl with cancer, very sweet and heart-moving indeed.

    Thanks to all for these lovely articles.

  7. Fan M says:

    Good luck Rafa! We are with you! You can’t believe how looking forward to your match your fans have been. Best Wishes for your opening return game! I will be following you on the Internet and cell phone. Go Rafa!

  8. micamica says:

    There’s a little video on The Guardian newspaper with Murray talking about Rafa.


    Rafa has been missed and his comeback adds excitement to the men’s game again. I have quite enjoyed watching Murray, Federer and Djokovic battle it out, although I’ve watched a lot less tennis since my man Rafa has been out of action.

    It would be nice to see another Federer and Rafa Grandslam final, tennis Gods please make that happen.

  9. Sharon/London says:

    I don’t get the Tennis Channel in England. Does anyone know how and where I can watch the match? Waited so long for this moment. GUTTED!

    • Patricia/England says:

      Me too Sharon, I’ve logged into Livescorehunter which gives results etc, but as yet no streams to watch, if you get any streams at all I would be interested to know. Have to rely on the “Great One Miri” to try to put it on here for the fans over here in Europe. Eurosport has the Davis Cup …. wish they had Rafa’s first match! x

  10. Dee says:

    I can’t believe that the time has come! For us to see our Champion Rafael playing TENNIS again! It has been ages! I have missed him so much, truly unbelievable. I am counting down the hours! I can’t wait to see Rafa back on court again, looking beautiful in his court gear and that bandana! Which I love! Can’t wait to see the colour he will be wearing too. I just want Rafa to enjoy the moment and have his calm. I am worried and scared for him at the same time, but at least he will have Pico out there with him tonight to help staedy his nerves and have a fun game to start with. That will be nice prep for his singles tomorrow.
    I really enjoyed that article, 7 months without our Rafa! I really can emphasise with Amy, as I have felt exactly the same! I am going to print it out and file away in my Rafa file. Let’s enjoy Rafa tonight and tomorrow and the rest of the week! I hope that Rafa wins in Chile and gets some good feelings going to boost his confidence. I love Rafa so much! I will be Vamosing in front of my laptop, hope I can find a LIVE stream now! Enjoy fellow Rafa fans! We have waited 7 months for this!

  11. Rafafan says:

    livescorehunter – yeah anyone in England it is on live now! Can’t blo…dy understand what they are saying but its on!!

  12. Patricia/England says:

    Glad you found it ~Rafafan and Sharon, picture not very good but its THERE Yea first set in the bag x Good old Livescorehunter never lets you down.

  13. Rafafan says:

    Yeah Rafa and Pico won! Love the shorty shorts but what is with that hideous collar shirt!!! Yuk! And it is so big for him not the tighty tighty but heah, this is doubles and he won his match after 8 months. Roll on tomorrow for the singles. Vamos xxxx

    • Sharon/London says:

      I noticed the shorty shorts and not a fan of the collar shirts but just so glad to see him in his gear on the tennis court. Rafa withdrawal is now over . I just hope it lasts and he stays healthy.

      I’ve been singing away , laughing and joking and my son asked me why I was so happy tonight. Rafa’s back on the court and that’s what he does to you. I hope the happy days continue.