RafaLint: February 3rd

I....I...I...feel sorry for that ball

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4 Responses

  1. Nikhil Borse says:

    I liked the article from USA today . It explains how Rafa’s presence affects the world around him . He’s an industry :D

  2. mica says:

    I really liked the USA today article too.

    I am so excited that he is playing again, i will have to wait for the highlights to be posted on Youtube or some other internet site as I have given up watching TV.

    I am still smiling from ear to ear that Rafa is back.

    I hope he has a great time in Chile.

  3. SpanishRNfan says:

    A summary of Pico’s nice words on Rafa:

    He says that he’s very eager to go to Viña and meet Rafa, talk to him… He’s been following Rafa’s recovery very closely. Rafa’s been his friend for many years and it’ll be excellent to play with him. He can’t wait for the doubles match. Pico considers Rafa’s a tennis icon and it will be very special for him to take part of Rafa’s return. It will be awesome for everybody.

    What I would give for being present when these two meet… such a bromance! :-)

  4. Elfie says:

    Rafa is a world wide celebrity but is being made even more of than usual in Chile. It still amazes me how he deals with his celebrity, still appearing so humble and natural. One can see how most celebrities think they are demi-gods, with all the fawning and fuss made of them. Can’t wait to see how he does….we will not get any TV coverage here in Australia…so if anyone knows how I can get any coverage of his first matches I would be grateful!