Mission Nadal: The racket hand-off

Rafa has given his racket to the folks at Mission Nadal. You still have a few days to show your support for Rafa’s comeback!

9 Responses

  1. Gail says:

    Can’t wait until February 6th to watch the return of my favorite player of all time! It would be such a thrill to play tennis with his racket! Many, many injury free years ahead!!!

  2. leslie says:

    Could someone please tell me how to “show my support” for Rafa on MissionNadal? I don’t have Twitter and when I go to the link and click, it just plays the video. I clicked Like on Fb but then …..? I am stuck.
    I am embarassed to be so obtuse about this but I’ll even risk public humiliation to be able to Vamos Rafa my support.
    Thank you .

  3. Suz says:

    Simply click on the “show your support” text in the message … internet magic! ;-)

  4. v.arunachalam says:

    where is the question of rafa’s comeback?”rafa!u live in our tennis world for ever.how can u leave or come back in our world of tennis.u ve a permanent indelible place in our heart.”best wishes for ever. arunachalam, india. 24.1.2013

  5. Ronald H. Witt says:

    Nadal is sorely missed from this Aussie open.

  6. Patricia/England says:

    So glad that Rafa is on his way back, some excellent tennis at the AO but it’s missing a bit of sizzle.

    Do hope there is some streaming so we can watch these long awaited Rafa matches.

  7. Ruthie says:

    As always vamos our Rafa and God bless.

  8. Nicci says:

    I can’t wait to see my favorit tennis player ever.
    You will always be the best for me.
    VAMOS RAFA !!!!