RafaLint: January 9th

Photo by Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson



Rafa does social media:

Mangle: “hope to recover soon to return to training. I’ll tell you. Thank you for supporting”

So…he’s not practicing now? *sigh*

  • Rafa shared what looks to be an older photo of himself and his “friend Carl from Toronto.”
  • He posed with Carlos Costa for some stock photography. (Sorry, this looks so much like the stock photography of “dudes seriously doing something in an office” I have to sort through on a daily basis.) Those 3 Wise Men cookies in the foreground look cute.
  • Rafa enjoyed Kings Day with his family. Well, the male members of his family.
  • He went to the tennis club.

Social media related to Rafa:

Atch solves the Carl-quandary:


15 Responses

  1. Margie says:

    Thanks Miri!! I was longing for some Rafa news, but am truely afraid to look anywhere else other than this site for the latest on him. This “Rafalint” was welcome indeed! The article by Chris Oddo was so encouraging and even the comments made me feel like there are many out there who love and miss Rafa as much as we do.
    Get well, Rafa! Vamos!

    • Ch F says:

      I so hope he is right. All my wishes and positive energy go out to Rafa. I hope he misses tennis and doesn’t like it too much with his family ;-) I also hope his time away refreshes his mental strength, because he’s going to need lots of it when he comes back.

    • killian says:

      Yes, Margie, I am with you! Many thanks, Miri. It’s been a weird sort of desert out there, with all kinds of oddball debris flying in the wind. Thanks for sifting. This is a sight for sore eyes. Hoping 2013 brings wonderful things for our dear boy. !Vamos!

      • Annie says:

        great post, killian! “oddball debris flying in the wind.”

        nice to see the lint, Miri.

        I’ll be happier, though, when Rafa is back and better than ever!

  2. Ramara says:

    Thanks especially for the tweets about Rafa matches being replayed on ESPNCL, a channel I didn’t even know I had! I ran off and set up the tivo pronto! (and yes, it was “very early” :-)

  3. Ramara says:

    Thanks especially for the tweets re the Rafa replays on ESPNCL – a channel I didn’t even know I have! Just watched the first game of the 2005 match vs Hewitt Looks like fun. The commies are already speaking of Rafa with respect for his game. But one of them said “that’s his Uncle Antonio, who was a professional soccer player” LOL! I think it’s Pat McEnroe, sounded like him. A little confusion with Miguel Angel, I guess, but it made me think of the tall tales Toni told baby Rafa about his career as an Italian soccer player called Il Magio.

    Can you tell I’m desperate for some Rafa?

    Re Rafa’s return: we’ll see. I just know one thing. He’ll be worth watching. I’ve never seen any athlete with Rafa’s spirit and determination.

  4. sam says:

    Of course you can only play who is at the other side of the net. But the Cambers article was only pointing out that if Rafa had been fully fit at the other side of the net chances are Andy wouldn’t be the proud owner of a slam. Rafa has proved that when fit he has the beating of Andy. I don’t see whats wrong with saying this. Likewise Rafa not being in the draw at the Australian Open has opened up opportunities for other players.

  5. JayDee50 says:

    My first thought on visiting this site today was, ‘Wow! look at all the articles being generated about Rafa, more than 6 months after we last saw him play’…..proving one thing, tennis misses Rafa Nadal! That aside, there are some lovely positive articles amongst the lint. As for his ranking, I’ve said it over and over, I don’t mind which number is beside his name. He has nothing left to prove in my eyes and when he comes back anything else will be a bonus.

  6. Susanna728 says:

    Why does my satellite package include all the ESPN channels ESPNCL?? Drats! I love the tweet from Wertheim referring to whether the viewership for Rafa’s return will equal the ratings for the return of Downton Abbey – funny. I heard a commentator (can’t remember who) talking about how much noticeably lower the overall buzz and energy level at the US Open was without Rafa. And as for Darren Cahill, I’ve had a crush on him for years and practically started stalking him after I got close to him at Indian Wells :)

  7. Susanna728 says:

    Drats! Why does my satellite service get all the ESPN channels except ESPNCL?? I loved the tweet from Wertheim about whether Rafa’s return will generate the same level of interest as the new season of Downton Abbey – funny. As for Darren Cahill, I’ve had a crush on him for years and almost found myself stalking him at Indian Wells a couple of years ago.:)

    • Susanna728 says:

      Sorry for the double post. The first time I hit submit my browser said it encountered a problem and was shutting down – it wasn’t posted when I sent it a second time.

    • Susanna728 says:

      Sorry for the double post. The first time I hit submit, my browser said it encountered a problem and was shutting down and i didn’t see it posted so i rewrote :(

  8. Annie says:

    Susanna, are you sure you don’t have ESPNC? I found it a hundred channels away from ESPN and ESPN2.

  9. Jummy says:

    Hello Miri!
    Thank you for the lints. And i think i love Darren Cahill too. Just got around to reading the presser. I could literarily feel goose pimples on my skin as i savoured the words that described Rafa’s attitude and singular goal when he steps on a tennis court. Darren Cahill summed it up pretty well too “The guy hates to lose”. I doubt if there are better words to describe Rafa when he is competing. ;)
    BDW, I expect high level tennis matches and very good entertainment at the AO. (and we know what energy will be missing :(

    Rafa, we await your return!

  10. teejustice says:

    First time in a long while I had the chance to go through a lint post. Nice compilation and amid all the speculation, good to read some grounded journo feedback.

    ESPN Classic matches made me sad at first, but I did get to see the Rafa/Hewitt match from 2005. I don’t believe I saw that back then because Rafa really didn’t hit my radar until clay season (mainly RG), and I didn’t pay much attention to AO until at least the QF back then. It was so funny to hear how they described Antonio Nadal during that match. Hardly ever said “Uncle Toni” and it didn’t come across as if he was his main coach. Mama and Papa Nadal were in the stands, and I don’t think I’d ever seen his mom at AO.

    Sooo ready for Rafa tennis, but we’ll get it when we get it.