Interview with Toni

Photo by David Matellano

Photo by David Matellano

Toni gave an interview with SER in which he discussed Rafa’s health and plans for going forward. You can listen to the interview here. Inés has typed up a transcription and then translated that for those of us who are Spanish challenged.


Hoy hemos empezado a entrenar en tierra batida después del parón debido al problema que ha surgido últimamente, pues hemos empezado hoy

Me imagino que el deseo para el 2013 está claro, que las lesiones respeten a Rafa y todos estos males farios se vayan

Sí, sí, el deseo es muy claro , poder jugar que es lo que realmente queremos y nada más, principalmente jugar y después ya veremos como va todo

Ahora, en principio, Acapulco, se van aplazando un poco los plazos pero al final es lo que hay, manda el cuerpo

Si, ahora lo que teníamos previsto hasta la fecha es Acapulco, después veremos si jugamos algo antes o no, la idea es jugar en Acapulco que es lo que estaba previsto, luego hay torneos en Europa y en otros sitios y ya veremos si hacemos algo antes o no.

Me imagino que también para la rodilla mejor empezar entrenar en tierra que no en pista dura

Sí, para todo es mejor, para el juego es mejor, hace años que nos aconsejaron que siempre jugara en pista de tierra, lo que pasa es que el circuito es un circuito de pista rápida de pista dura y al final tienes que hacer lo que el circuito te manda

Habeis renunciado a muchas cosas, a muchos torneos importantes, supongo que ya renunciar al Open de Australia despues de lo que habeis pasado

Nosotros ya teníamos sacado los billetes para ir a jugar cuando surgió lo del virus, nos ha decidido, aconsejado por el médico de la federación, no jugar porque empezar una competición,después de muchos meses sin jugar, a 5 sets pues sería no lo más prudente o sea no es aquello de renunciar o no renunciar, hemos hecho lo que nos ha dicho el medico de la federación

Va a ser mucho tiempo sin jugar, pero entrenando fuerte como vais a entrenar y y supongo que con una buena preparación, teniendo en cuenta que es tierra batida y que esa es una superficie que va muy bien, no se si vamos a poder ver a un gran nvel a Rafael o si esto todavía no os lo planteáis ….

Yo creo que al cabo de cierto tiempo, porque al principio es normal que necesites un periodo de adaptación, pero la realidad es que tanto hoy que hemos entrenado como todo el mes de diciembre que entrenamos a un muy buen nivel y después, falta la competición, que siempre es un poco diferente, pero yo confío en ver a Rafael en buen nivel en el 2013

Habéis puesto la fecha de Acapulco pero veo que en Argentina, Brasil… los torneos se han vuelto locos con la posibilidad de que vayáis allí

Hay interés que Rafael vaya a jugar allí, ya veremos, no está cerrado el tema de no jugar, antes hay otros torneos también en Europa, ya veremos, depende de como se sienta Rafael a ver si nos decidimos a jugar un poco antes


Today we started training on clay after the break due to the problem that has emerged lately So we have started today

I imagine that the wish for 2013 is clear, that injuries respect Rafa and no more of all these bad luck

Yes, yes, the wish is very clear – that he can play. This is what we really want and nothing more. Mainly to play and then we’ll see how everything goes

Now, initially, Acapulco, things have been postponed a bit but finally is what it is, the body commands

Yeah, now what we have planned so far is Acapulco. Then we’ll see if we play something earlier or not. The idea is to play in Acapulco – that is what it was planned. Then there are tournaments in Europe and elsewhere, and we’ll see if we do something earlier or not.

I guess that for the knee is also better to start training on clay and not on hard

Yes it’s better for everything; better for the game. We were advised years ago that he should always play on clay courts. The thing is that the tour is a fast court tour, hard court. Finally you have to do what the tour commands you.

You have withdrawn from so many things, many big tournaments, I guess to withdraw from the Australia Open after all you have been through …..

We already had the flight tickets to go to play when the virus emerged. We decided, as advised by the doctor of the federation, to not play because starting a competition, after many months without playing, the best of 5 sets, would not be most prudent. It’s not about withdraw or not withdraw. We have done what the Federation’s doctor has told us to do.

Going to be a long time without playing, but training hard, as you will train, I guess, with a good preparation, considering that is clay and that is a surface that goes very well. I do not know if we can see at a high level to Rafael or if this is still a thing you don’t consider yet ….

I think after a certain time, because at first it is normal that you need a period of adaptation. But the reality is that, as today we have trained, as the entire month of December we trained to a very good level. He lacks competition, which is always a little different, but I trust to see Rafael with a good level in 2013.

You have set the date of Acapulco but I see that in Argentina, Brazil … the tournaments have gone crazy with the possibility that you could go there

There is interest in Rafael playing there, we’ll see. The issue of playing before is not closed. There are other tournaments in Europe. We’ll see. It depends on how Rafael feels to decide if we play a little earlier.

8 Responses

  1. Ramara says:

    Thanks so much, Ines!

    This has been disappointing for everyone. But if Rafa’s anything like me (I had this kind of virus last spring — it was seriously nasty and webt on for days) he’ll be happy just to be feeling good again!!!

  2. sia says:

    Lovely Inés, Happy New year to you and thanks for this translation.
    It really is nuts how many hard courts there are in tennis these days … here in Canada they are trying to build as many indoor clay courts as possible (the green kind) so the younger players can at least train on a more forgiving surface; but honestly I’d love to see more grass and clay on the tour.

  3. zoica ion says:

    I really hope that Rafa will return stronger then ever!!!!!

  4. JayDee50 says:

    Thank you for the translation Inés, you’re so good to us. I like this article a lot, it all sounds very positive and encouraging. The waiting is hard, I’m longing to see Rafa play again. But all good things come to those who wait. I’m so glad he’s better enough to start training again, with any luck 2013 will be a successful year for him.

  5. Patricia/England says:

    I’m definately Spanish challenged (quote from Miri above). Thank you Inez for translating, interesting reading x

  6. Cristina says:

    Would it be OK to post this elsewhere, with a link?.

  7. Cristina says:

    Him saying Rafa could lay in Europe before Acapulco doesn’t make much sense since it’s hard court. Seems to me he’s just trying to not get the hope up of tournaments in South America.

  8. v.arunachalam says:

    good strategy of rafa to start his second tennis life from clay in 2013 which is more ideal in all respects to him as well as to his crying knees.however, rafa must see that he is not confining to clay alone by choosing tournaments of all types in such a way rest to his knees & constant touch with high level competitions go side by side.prayng almighty Nature to give him mental & physical strengths to face tough competitions so that soceity at large gets entertainment of the highest order.