RafaLint: December 29th

Photo by Beth Wilson

Photo by Beth Wilson

Injury and Illness to Keep Nadal Out of Australian Open – by Christopher Clarey (nytimes.com). This is the best article I could find on the withdrawal. It has actual research in it! [/sarcasmMode]

Nadal’s publicist, Benito Pérez Barbadillo, said in a telephone interview that Nadal began to feel ill Dec. 20 in his home island of Majorca in Spain. At that stage, Pérez Barbadillo said, Nadal had been practicing with increased intensity, but his illness forced him to stop training and doctors have advised him to rest for a further seven days while undergoing tests.

“Rafa Nadal suffered last week a viral condition that caused a gastroenteritis with a high fever for four to five days,” said Ángel Ruíz-Cotorro, the Spanish physician who is head of Nadal’s medical team, in the statement.

Sounds like this was a severe virus.

“The guy wants to play, the guy wants to be back,” Pérez Barbadillo said. “This is another setback and let’s be glad that this year is over and this is our own Annus horribilis I suppose. And hopefully 2013 will be better.”

With hope…with hope.



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  1. JayDee50 says:

    I had wondered if it was gastroenteritis, that can be a really nasty virus to get over. It’s kinda comforting to read an article that reports the facts with a degree of sympathy to them, instead of some that are full of disbelief and scorn.

    On the slightly brighter side, the phone convo between Fed and Rafa did make me laugh.

    Miri, I hope you are feeling much better now, thanks for bringing us these articles.