An infection ‘knocks Nadal down’


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Una infección ‘tumba’ a Nadal – by J J Mateo as translated by genny_ss

The number four, who has been six months without competing, will not return this week because of a virus

Rafael Nadal, who has been six months without competing for a partially torn patellar tendon in his left knee and hoffitis, has announced that he will not participate in the exhibition in Abu Dhabi next Friday, where he was scheduled to return, due to a stomach infection.

“I am very disappointed that I will not be able to compete this year in Abu Dhabi,” said the world number four through social networks. “Everything was ready and I am really eager to return to competition, but doctors have forbidden me to compete in Abu Dhabi due to a stomach infection that has caused me fever,” continued the Spaniard, who has not disputed a match since his defeat in the second round in Wimbledon against the Czech Lukas Rosol. “I have always been treated very well in Abu Dhabi and this is the first time that I cannot compete in this tournament,” he added, stressing that the withdrawal has nothing to do with the recovery of his aching joints, which during these months he has protected with an antigravity treadmill that has allowed him to train without suffering. “My recovery has gone well, my knees are better and, as I have already said, I was eager to return to competition. I am sorry for my fans in the UAE and worldwide. I hope to be there next year,” concluded the 26 years old player.

If his condition allows him to do it, Nadal will return to the courts in the Doha tournament, which takes place from December 31. There, on a hard court, he would already face an official event, with real points at stake. His withdrawal from Abu Dhabi, however, puts a question mark to his participation in the Australia Open, which starts on January 14 and where he defends the points added for reaching the final in 2012, which he lost to Novak Djokovic: the Spaniard would have to face the five sets [matches] of the first major of the year with little preparation, with his left knee still pending to accumulate hours of play. Consequently, he is likely to ponder to play some exhibition in the week prior to the appointment of Melbourne, like the one of Kooyong, in order to get more match hours. “We are in touch with the top four players in the world,” said Colin Stubs in November, the director of the exhibition, which takes place between the 9th and 12th January 2013. “Nadal is a possibility and something that would be special for us, because he has never played here,” he added.

The withdrawal from Abu Dhabi began to take shape in the middle of last week. Then, Nadal met all his team in Mallorca for the traditional Christmas dinner. Toni Nadal and Francis Roig, his two coaches, went there; Rafael Maymó, his physiotherapist; the doubles player Marc Lopez; Tomeu Salva, his training partner these days; Carlos Costa, former world number ten and his agent; the doctors Cotorro and Muñoz; several of his uncles and other people who belong to his camp.

At the end of the dinner, it was time for the speeches. It was a significant moment. After six months sidelined, the champion of 11 grand slam was on the verge of returning to the court. His relatives waited attentively his spiel. It did not happen. “I am not feeling well, I’m tired,” they heard. The stomach virus that kept him in bed as early as the next day began his attack.

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  1. patzin says:

    Sorry that Rafa is faced with another obstacle to his return to the courts and Tour. His time will come. Sending all good wishes to him for a speedy recovery in the New Year.

  2. JayDee50 says:

    Thanks Genny, your efforts are much appreciated.