RafaLint: December 12th

Babolat has chosen to ignore Rafa’s well-documented fear of the dark with their recent promo.

The 2012 Roland Garros book is available on Amazon.fr – has anyone seen a US shipping friendly source?


Everyone’s doing those year-end wrap-up kinda things:



Rafa does social media:

Social media related to Rafa:



4 Responses

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks Miri. For anyone who missed it, at the end of the Draw Back…French Open piece there’s a link to Rafa’s blog from 2006 which is so fun to read!

  2. viki viki says:

    I have to notice that there arent many comments on rafa lints and news generaly, since he s out of play..two more weeks and hopefully rafa will be back, cannot wait :)

  3. Fan M says:

    Rafa, We are waiting for your victorious return. Go Rafa!!!