RafaLint: November 8th

Photo by Beth Wilson




Rafa does social media:
Rafa had a very tweety day today, check out his timeline.

  • Rafa’s rolling his way back to the tour. (I really want to issue a Photoshop challenge on this one, but fear what you guys might send in.)
  • When not rolling, he’s ballin’.
  • Or flying. (He watched from the cock-pit without having a panic attack?)
  • He knows that ! and Marc! belong together.
  • Wait, maybe he did have a panic attack recently. (Seriously? LOVE this.)

Social media related to Rafa:

How adorable is this? Unless, of course, someone misheard “papa” as “Rafa”:

An injury update:

Which mangles to:

“They tell me that @ RafaelNadal is being seared in the gym and his return to the slopes is imminent. On Friday there could be developments”

“@ davidjnadal Nadal was scheduled to return to court on Friday but have decided to continue working in the gym a week.”


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8 Responses

  1. Maan says:

    Hi guys! I have a question about one of these tweets in Spanish: “Estaba previsto que Nadal volviera a pista el viernes pasado pero han decidido seguir trabajando en gimnasio una semana más.”

    Google translates it like “Nadal was scheduled to return to court on Friday but have decided to continue working in the gym a week.”

    But there isn’t “el viernes pasado” means “LAST Friday”, not just “Friday”, like google translates it?
    I guess that’s important.

  2. Serin says:

    Thanks for the lint Miri..

    Rafa has been away with injury but he still rules..I just read
    “Federer-Rafa still the best rivalry” and got teary.. He rules
    in the series against the top 3; Fed, Djok, and Murray.. If he hadnt been suffering with those demented injuries, there would be no arguments about the real GOAT..

    Love the crazy hair.. How wonderful he is, trying to console his fans posting funny and “interesting” pictures on his FB..;)

    LOVE YOU RAFA! Come back healthy and make life happy for Rafafans..


  3. Nola says:

    Miss Rafa so much. Hope he recovers well and doesn’t rush things, even though we would love to see him play sooner rather than later.

  4. Ch F says:

    I don’t care what kind of hair you’ll have, Rafa, just get on that court already!!! ;-)

  5. Ramara says:

    Is Fed developing Alzheimer’s? He “doesn’t think he’s played Rafa in the last couple of years” ?!? Indian Wells (granted Rafa didn’t play much like Rafa – possibly Fed didn’t recognize him), AO semis this year (can see why he forgot that one), YEC last year (well, that WAS forgettable), Madrid semis 2011 (clay was red so Rog lost). Ah well, I know too well that time just flies by as you age. Maybe he meant the last couple of months – well, yeah, NO ONE has played Rafa in the last few months.

  6. isusvolisjb says:

    That tweet about Roger’s girls saying “Rafa” was from Roger Rasheed, so I think they really were talking about our boy! Cute…

  7. Ramara says:

    As per the mangle Rafa’s being *seared*?!? and will return to the “slopes”? Well, I expect it will be uphill work.

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