RafaLint: September 18th

A special message from Rafa:

Per a translation helpfully posted on Facebook by…either Inés or genny_ss:
Yesterday night, Rafa was also supposed to receive the Man of the Year “Madrid Award”, but he couldn’t attend the event because he had previously committed to attend the Vanity Fair Awards. So he recorded this message that was shown during
the Gala.

In it, Rafa apologizes because he isn’t attending the Gala and says that he is very thankful for the award and that he loves Madrid because every time he’s come to the city he’s felt like at home. He finally wishes all have a great time at the event and hope to meet ithem n another opportunity.




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2 Responses

  1. Tina says:

    Thanks Miri for the info once again.

    Yes, his patience is really tested these days, but it only shows how much he is missed, I guess.

    The media wants him back, as we all do, but I will give Rafa credit for not refusing to answer the same questions over and over again. Not everyone would be able to do that, but Rafa is such a nice guy, has good manners, so that´s why.

    Meanwhile he does a pretty good job to stay in touch with his fans, posting updates on his whereabouts, and it is easy to see the reaction, he gets from his fans. They really miss him.

    I hope that all the love he gets from his fans will inspire him, while he is OFF court, and I am sure, that when he finally comes back, he will feel the love stronger than ever ON court.

  2. sunset says:

    Today the Sony Ericsson Open (Miami) sent me a marketing email with a photo of Rafa on court, as if they read my mind. God! I miss seeing him on a tennis court.