RafaLint: September 17th

A bit of Rafa being besieged by the press at the Vanity Fair event:

Posted by rousvictoria.

Rafa on the red carpet (thanks to @genny_ss):

She was also kind enough to translate some of what Rafa said:

Some of the things Rafa’s said in the video of the VF red carpet: 1) He’s working hard to recover ASAP, though as we all know process’ slow

2) He’s been asked if he has a date to return. He’s said that if he knew, he would say it. He’ll return when he’s *well* recovered.

3) He’s been asked if he could be back fro the DC final. He’s insisted again that he’ll be back when he’s recovered. He’s very glad for…

.., the team, especially David, as he’s done a great effort during the whole season and deserved SF’s victories & reaching the final..

…He doesn’t know if he’ll be recovered by the time the final has to be played. 4) if you watch the video again, at 2:04 you’ll notice…

… a “funny” (to say the least!) face in Rafa: someone just mentioned the word “retirement”… Rafa says “animalada” (wild/crazy thing)…

…So, Rafa’s reaction gives a clear answer to those suggesting he’s gonna retire. 5) He’s willing to go on working to be back at top level

6) He diminishes the drama some pretend to see in his current situation. He’s injured now, yes, but has had a great career in past years &..

… has a career to care of in the near future. Injuries are part of sport. Happy to be doing what he does and work hard to return ASAP.

7) He knows that when he’s back on tour he’ll need some time to reach the level he had before injury, but is confident this is going to pass

8) He’s been asked if he considers he’s the “most important man of the year”…. he answers: “Not at all!”



Hey, guys – we have a bit of a problem. The sites that had large-format non-watermarked images have just about all gone away. Why? People like me weren’t supposed to be taking them and uploading them. I knew what I was doing was not kosher, but I drew my line at: the images had to retain all embedded copyright info, be from professional sites where I know the photographer was paid for the work, and I properly credited the photographer. Again, not kosher, but where I drew my lines. I haven’t found a site that meets these requirements yet (especially the embedded info – which is essential to me since I feel strongly that all pictures should be trackable to the people who took them), so I’ll mainly be posting links to images. There are other Rafa fan sites who draw their lines differently, so seek those out for the photos.


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4 Responses

  1. Isabelle says:

    Damn, sure am missing this guy! Way cute at the 2:04 mark with his reaction, adorable & gorgeous. As I’ve noticed prior, Perry at The Oregonian is sure smitten with Rafa :~))

    Miri, IMO, if everyone else had been as principled as you in “bending the rules” re photos they would likey still be available. Thank you for providing the photo links and for all else you cont. to do!

  2. Ch F says:

    Amen, Rafa, to everything you say. May the tennis Gods be with you.

  3. JayDee50 says:

    Thank you Miri for everything you post and for the links to photos.

    Rafa sure looks good all ‘suited and booted’ in his dinner suit and black tie. It’s also good to know he is staying positive about his situation as it stands right now and will be back when he’s ready. I personally don’t think he’ll play the DC final, he’ll be very short on match practice and it’s likely to be played indoors on a fast court, which won’t suit him at all. But, who knows? He inspires me to stay positive and just look forward to his return, whenever that is. I hope his recovery continues to go well.