Injury presser

Photo by Beth Wilson

@genny_ss compiled this collection of quotes from Rafa’s presser about his injury.

Compilation of info and Rafa’s quotes from his presser in Manacor on Aug 17, 2012 (via @davidjnadal and @tomeuterrasa)

Rafa has confirmed that he suffers Hoffa’s syndrome (apparently it was diagnosed at Wimbledon this year). Hoffa’s syndrome is the inflammation of accumulation of fat inside the knee, behind patella tendon. The symptoms are pain in the front side of the knee that increases when walking & when touching the tendon. The treatment consists of rest and anti-inflammatory drugs. If it becomes chronic (pain for more than 6 months), surgery can be used to remove the fat, but this last part is what Rafa wants to avoid.

“I’ll return when the knee is healed. I won’t force… I’ve already missed many important things and I won’t risk any more”

“I’m sad for not competing at the USO, a tournament where I’ve always felt a lot of support”

“I work very hard every day to be ready as soon as possible. I’m really motivated to compete as soon as I can”

“For 6 months this year, I was competing to become #1 in the ATP ranking, but I’m not worried about being #3 or #4”

“I won’t put deadlines for my return. Right now I follow my knee’s orders”

“Currently, I’m not practicing on court, but I try to keep my fitness at the gym and with physiotherapy. I want to be fit, so that when I return on tour it is not difficult for me to pick up the pace”

“What I want is to lengthen my career as much as possible. I want to be able to play at the Olympic games in Rio”

“Of course I prefer being #2 than #3, but the ranking is not the priority now. The motivation is to compete to win”

“We’ll follow a new approach. Probably from now on I’ll have to play on clay more than on hard, which hurts me more. If I have to play less matches per year, I’ll do it. If I have to modify which tournaments to play, I’ll do it. I’ll do anything provided my career gets longer”

“I’m not willing to throw away all the work I’ve done so far to recover by making an early come back. If the captain counts on me, and the knee is in good shape, I’ll return to play for the Davis Cup”

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  1. Patricia/England says:

    I’m glad that he is not forcing his body through the pain barrier as he has done before. I certainly would like to see him play longer and if that means less tournaments so be it. Good luck with the recovery Rafa can’t wait to have you back on the circuit.