RafaLint: July 19th

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The honor of playing for his country means so much to Rafa; I cannot imagine how difficult of a decision this was for him. The fact he didn’t do the “easy” thing – stay on the team, enjoy the honor of carrying the flag, and then go out early in the tournament because he wasn’t able to play at this top level – is why this site is here and why a lot of you come to visit it or other Rafa sites. Because of his withdrawal before the deadline, two Spanish players who otherwise wouldn’t are going to get to enjoy the spirit of the games. So – VAMOS Feli and Marc! I hope you enjoy the hell out of every second you spend in the Olympic village.

(Correction – as people have pointed out, I got a bit carried away. Feli was going to be on the team, but just for doubles. Now he’ll be in the singles draw.)

Statements from Rafa: in Spanish and English.

The quote from Benito in this article, pretty much sums things up:
Rafael Nadal Withdraws From London Games – by Christopher Clarey (nytimes.com)

“He doesn’t want to give excuses for past losses; he’s not in condition to play; that’s all he wants to say,” said his publicist Benito Perez-Barbadillo in a telephone interview. “He’s going to start practicing again. He’s just not ready to compete. He’s not competing for himself here. This is not Rome or Madrid or even the French Open. This is competing for your country. You can’t go out there when someone else can be competing at full strength.”

Babolat encourages you to leave a message for Rafa via their Facebook page.

Interesting tid-bit in The Times article on the withdrawal:

Nadal told The Times in the immediate aftermath of his defeat by Rosol that he had been having more trouble with tendinitis in his knees which have bothered him one and off for the past four years.



Tweets about Rafa:

I’m sure I missed a lot – feel free to add links in the comments.

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  1. Diane says:

    Who’s Bryant? I usually have to turn the MUTE button on because I don’t always like their commentations anyway. I enjoy respect and set an example as a leader in my community as should others. People should be building each other up NOT tearing each other down and spredding gosip or lies. That is something that never goes very far. Rafa is an athlete and has to pay attention to his body unlike people who do not play sports.