RafaLint: June 19th

Screen grab from the Nike Training video


It’s flashback time:


Rafa does social media:


6 Responses

  1. Aini says:

    I love the link to the FULL Beijing Gold medal finals match! :o)

  2. Nils says:

    Thanks for the 2008 flashback!Was great!
    Thank you Miri for this site.

  3. Reva says:

    Interesting to read that in the olympics that the final will be the best of 5 sets, but best of 3 for the
    previous rounds. Hopefully our boy wont need that, but good to know!! ;)

  4. Patricia/England says:

    Thanks Inez. Vintage Rafa, hair, shirt, shorts and didn’t he enjoy the medal ceremony. Good to see Fernando Gonzales too, will miss him now he’s retired. Enjoyed the Badenhausen piece too Miri.

  5. Melissa says:

    The Badenhausen article was interesting from many angles, but it’s odd that the author could have so missed a salient point — that Rafa transcends (probably far more than Federer) the tennis demographic. One commenter to the article pointed out (as we all know) that Rafa has real pull with the female buyer as a “romantic lead.” I think TV viewing stats have consistently shown that Rafa makes the stats go up notably among female viewers, especially non-tennis fans, just as Tebow has done for pro football.

    Thanks for the link, Miri!

  6. micamica says:

    I think the Forbes article was interesting and I think Rafa will overtake Federer as the greatest tennis player and I think he can top Federer’s endorsement deals.

    I agree with John McEnroe that Rafa will retire as the greatest of the open era.

    Rafa has an appeal and style which resonates more with younger fans and women.

    The Nike outfits he wears are daring and bold, he takes more risks. He is charming, humble, honest but slightly mysterious, like one person said in the comments section on the Forbes website, Rafa is the romantic leading man.

    A Spanish journalist said Spanish youngsters don’t want to be sportsmen and women, they want to be the next Rafa and I think with youngsters having so much buying power right now with movies, books, clothes and music being created to satisfy their tastes (e.g. Twilight, The hunger games, Justin Bieber) I think companies will capitalise on Rafa’s appeal on the younger generation.

    The article also points out that Rafa could end up as number 1 again by the end of year, I don’t understand why there’s so much talk of Federer overtaking Djokovic as world number 1. I really like Federer but if Rafa stays consistent this year surely he will be the world number 1 by the ATP finals.