RafaLint: June 9th

Rafa and Djokovic will battle in yet another final tomorrow at 3pm Paris time – weather permitting. Right now, the forecast doesn’t look promising, but it does look better than the last time I checked. I hope the trend continues. Here’s plenty of stuff to keep you busy until match time. Me? I plan on sleeping.

A few photos from Rafa’s pre-final presser:

Photos by REUTERS/Benoit Tessier

Today’s recommended reading:
Molded for Success on Clay Courts – by Greg Bishop (nytimes.com)




Rafa does social media:

Tweets about Rafa:


4 Responses

  1. Heath says:

    Love the ‘Fed’s standing him up on Sunday’ suggestion; it’s so obvious! Poor Rafa; he won’t get to pat Roger’s chest this year :(

  2. Aini says:

    Great updates! :o)

  3. Joel Cooley says:


  4. June says:

    Wow, SOP for the ice on the knee? I dunno about Rafa, but I only ice mine when I’m in pain after an injury to it & I’m a lot older than he is. Vaya con dios Rafa!