RafaLint: May 31st

Love this video – “Practicing with Rafael Nadal, as told by Maxime Teixeira…

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Nice little Rafa promo:

Rafael Nadal feature by rolandgarros




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  1. Silhouette says:

    I can’t imagine how terrible Rafa must have felt last year. Hope he never has to go through that again. Glad to hear that he’s feeling happier these days! May he stay happy always!!

    • Karen says:

      If the ‘behind the scenes’ had been Rafa’s behind I’m sure it would be a massive hit on ‘YouTube’ by now!!

    • RAFAFAN says:

      Me thinks Rafa’s unhappiness last year (he said he missed home/family/friends) had a little bit to do with Mary studying in London. She’s back in Spain now and our boy is happy again.

  2. aRafaelite says:

    Heh. A couple of us stopped to watch Maxime practice at the AO this year. As soon as he saw two women with cameras clicking away, he started posturing! It was really quite funny. He doesn’t lack confidence, that’s for sure! To be fair, he really is quite good-looking though, I’ll give him that!

  3. Melissa says:

    Hmmm… Rafa says he was feeling a little sick in the beginning of the first match with Istomin, though he got better (not a Python reference!). Gasquet was sick yesterday, and Berdych has been sick during the first set today. Is some illness going around the players again, I wonder? Anyone heard anything about this?

    • zibah says:

      Ummm Melissa, I definitely think something got lost in translation there (Google translate can be wacky) but I think Rafa was saying he served poorly in the beginning of the match. My Spanish is barely there but that’s what I can glean from the original words. Putting his words thru Google translate gives just what you saw, that he was sick! If my manual translation holds water, I think he said ‘I served a little badly at the beginning of the match’. So don’t be alarmed (I nearly was too) cos I think Rafa is ok.

      • Aini says:

        So Rafa is okay? NOT sick? just a “lost in translation” thingy?

      • Melissa says:

        Thanks very much, hon. I’m relieved, and should know better than to trust my translations. My Castilian is 40 years old and badly rusty, today’s slang and idioms throw me — I’ve been too long without proper conversation with native speakers. (Actually, none of my languages have survived intact the onset of senility.)

        Well, I sure hope he doesn’t get whatever these other guys have!

        • zibah says:

          Lol Melissa you’re very welcome. I can’t boast any decent Spanish myself (making out written words takes all my abilities) but the wackiness of Google translate has made me decide to at least have a look at original words to try to decipher the general meaning of what is really being said. I totally hope with you that Rafa doesn’t catch anything from others though.

  4. Aini says:

    Argghh..I can’t view the Behind the Scenes video..maybe NOT available for my region (ASIA) or my country MALAYSIA..

    Any YOUTUBE version of it, by any chance?

  5. Susanna728 says:

    So does anyone know how Rafa (or Toni) chooses who Rafa will practice with on a particular day and, if it’s an unknown like Maxime, how does that person get chosen?

  6. Annie says:

    Aini, click on the bottom right hand corner of the vid from BabolatWorld and it should take you to the Youtube version.

    • Aini says:

      Thanks Annie.I shall try that! :o)

    • Aini says:

      I can view the other videos (Babolat,etc)..only “BEHIND THE SCENES” video I have problems with..it’s not under Youtube channel..but under DAILY MOTION..so maybe it is region restricted..:o(

  7. faeaki says:

    Interesting vids, just watching Rafa whipp that iconic forehand of his is something so special, he is one of a kind, glad he is happier, his liccle smile in his 2nd round match victory was priceless..! hope he is focused though and continues to win right..