PlayStation trash tweeting

Rafa, Daveeed and Rudy Fernandez got into some PlayStation trash talking tweeting. Thanks to Genny_SS/SpanishRNFan, we have a translation.

It all started on May 28 when David tweeted:

I’ll have my debut in RG tomorrow at 11h. Now I’m gonna work with my physio. BTW, ask @RafaelNadal and @picomonaco which was the result in the play(station)

On May 31, David tweets:

Very happy for being in 3R and sad for having lost in the playstation, with my physio and friend Rafa, against @RafaelNadal y @picomonaco. Time for revenge. Vaaaamos!

(At this point, I’m going to stop embedding because it gets confusing since it embeds the most recent item first and then works backwards.)

Rudy Fernandez replies:

@DavidFerrer87 @RafaelNadal jaajajja momentos Play. No dejes q te gane Rafa q despues…… Felicitats per com estas jugant nanu

@DavidFerrer87 @RafaelNadal haahahha Playstation times. (David,) don’t let Rafa to beat you since afterwards…… Congrats for how you’re playing, man

Rafa gets into the convo:

@rudy5fernandez hoy revancha @davidferrer87 espero que el resultado de hoy sea el mismo que ayer ;) @picomonaco vamoss!! Os voy contando!

@rudy5fernandez today the revenge @davidferrer87 I hope the result today is the same as yesterday ;) @picomonaco vamoss!! I’ll keep you posted!

And David enters too, but he seems not to know how to reply a tweet and creates a parallel convo with Rudy: :-D

Jeje,tranquilo @rudy5fernandez yo necesito partner en la play… Alli le dejaremos las cosas claras a @RafaelNadal

Hehe, no worries @rudy5fernandez I need a partner for the Playstation… There (@ the OG) we’ll make things clear for @RafaelNadal (meaning they’ll show Rafa who’s the boss)

Rudy replies to David:

@DavidFerrer87 @RafaelNadal esta fet!! Esperemos poder estar alli y disfrutar de la olimpiada y las partidas de la play jajajaj.

@DavidFerrer87 @RafaelNadal Deal! Let’s hope we can be there and enjoy the Olympics and the games with the Playstation hahahah.

Rudy replies to Rafa:

@RafaelNadal @davidferrer87 @picomonaco jajajajajjajaja espero q david te deje la cosas claras… me llevo la Play a la Villa olimpica?

@RafaelNadal @davidferrer87 @picomonaco hahahahahhahaha I hope David makes things clear to you… do I bring the Playstation to the Olympic Village?

Rafa replies to Rudy:

@rudy5fernandez, @davidferrer87 y yo sabemos que tu nivel de la play es justito, pero tienes tiempo para entrenar!! Jajaja #villaolimpica

@rudy5fernandez, @davidferrer87 and me know that your level in the Playstation is not that good, but you still have time to practice!! Hahaha #olympicvillage

Rudy back at Rafa:

@RafaelNadal @davidferrer87 ajajajajjaajajajaajajajajajjaajajjajajajajajaa sin comentarios…. Maimo sabe la verdad d todo.

@RafaelNadal @davidferrer87 ahahahahhaahahahaahahahahahhaahahhahahahahahaa no comment…. Maimo knows the truth of everything.

Finally, Pico enters the conversation (the most difficult to translate!):

@RafaelNadal @rudy5fernandez @DavidFerrer87 la carismatica siempre triunfa , hay show y futbol champagne !!!!!!

@RafaelNadal @rudy5fernandez @DavidFerrer87 the charismatic (team) always triumphs, there is show and champagne soccer !!!!!!

(Apparently, the expression “champagne soccer” means good game and goals, elegant and classy…. first time I’ve heard about it! I had to Google to understand what Pico was saying! :D )

7 Responses

  1. olie says:

    kinda cute seeing rafa put hashtag villaolympica..

  2. Avril says:

    oh, Miri, Daveeed’s physio name is (also) Rafa??? :O
    OMG, sooo many Rafas there… Rafa Nadal, then Maymo, now Daveeed’s Rafa!
    full of Rafa! haha… that’s good! :)

  3. Kathy says:

    So cute—a bunch of young guys having fun and teasing each other. I love the camaraderie these players have and how they all stick together.And they are bringing their PlayStations to the Olympics! Rafa seems excited about the Olympics and loves to be in the Village with the other competitors from all the other Nations. I want to see him carrying the flag for Spain! I am loving this time of year: Roland Garros, Wimbledon, Olympics, and Rafa in high spirits. :D

  4. jodiecate says:

    Yeah, i’ve kind of been hoping a lot that DF wins a lot on the playstation seeing as how Rafa always beats him in tennis. Sounds like he at least gets some wins!

  5. Aini says:

    Rafa should let Daveed win at Playstation ..becos he’s already winning all their tennis games (UNjinx)..hehe..

  6. sia says:

    Somebody please bring a video camera #villaolimpica #Playstation

  7. faeaki says:

    Cing brilliant, whatever!