RG: 1st round photos

Holy schnitkies the photographers were on their game during this match. I had a super hard time whittling things down to less than a half a gillion photos. I want to follow Clive Brunskill around and learn everything he knows.

Photos by KENZO TRIBOUILLARD/AFP/GettyImages, Clive Brunskill/Getty Images, PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/GettyImages, REUTERS/Nir Elias, and Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

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  1. teejustice says:

    Whew! Great photos. Love #11, 14, and especially #35! VAAAHMOOOOSSS

  2. rana says:

    Second to the last pic…I can’t even…


  3. Nils says:

    Lovely pics!Rafa looks gorgeous in Raspberry or Scarlet or whatever that colour is.
    Love pics #4,21,24 and agree with you Miri on pics # 32, 33, 36.
    Excuse me now..

  4. Aini says:

    I love your caption on #20,#26 and #30! SO FUNNY!hahhaa..shunning the towel,etc…Hilarious!:o)

  5. Rafaella says:

    Pic #12 : I feel for the ball. It must be really skerrrd from the way Rafa was eyeing it! :D

    I love technology. With all these good quality pics, I can count Rafa’s chest chairs, could tell his hand from the others and smell his sweaty neck. Hmmm…

  6. vsa says:

    thz miri~
    much more special capture than the other tournaments!
    scarlet rafa is really sharp in red clay~

  7. the other Maria says:

    I love pic ≠15. And the hands.

  8. rafanatica says:

    Ah, the hands. The man is a banquet of delights.

  9. Sharon/London says:

    great pics, love the photo comments and love this site.

    Thanks Miri.

  10. jacqui Barr says:

    great pics. i love Rafa’s serve look and the shirt change one well oooffffttt! thanks Miri :)

  11. Patricia/England says:

    Mmmmm Pretty in Pink!

  12. Bee says:

    Thanks for posting – they are a great set of photos.

  13. Fifi says:

    So many gorgeous photos of Rafa! So beautiful in red!!

  14. Annie says:

    Good lord these are beautiful pics. The second to last is just incredible (did Brunskill take that one?). Agree with you, Miri, Clive Brunskill is a fantastic photographer (his pics of Rafa for Hello mag a couple of years ago are some of my favorites). But don’t sell yourself short – you take amazing pictures!

    • Karen says:

      Pic #35, Rafa’s unshaven look + skin colour= Perfection. He really is something else.
      His t-shirt looks red in some pics and in others more raspberry, the same as on TV.

  15. vamsi mohana says:

    hez luking toooo adorable in da second last one…

  16. Julie says:

    Breathtaking photography…Rafa’s hands, especially beautiful

  17. jodiecate says:

    WOW!! Awesome photos!

    I really like the colours & comoposition of #9, like 11 too.
    I like 16/17 together for the Rafa/smile!

    #28 is great, and LOVE the hand shots!
    Best caption to the “calm down… it’s not pink”

    Top stuff! Thanks Miri for including where the photo’s are sourced from. It’s really annoying when sites don’t do that & you want to follow up with something.

  18. Melissa says:

    Clive Brunskill seems to be one of Rafa’s favorite photographers, and Rafa one of Clive’s favorite subjects. If you haven’t yet been, check out Brunskill’s portfolio on his own site. Much yummy 100% sure.

    Although I think #35 above is CB’s masterpiece …