RafaLint: May 24th

The draw for Roland Garros will take place at 11:30am local time on Friday. (aka, 4:30am mine and just 5.5 hours away. Sleep? What’s that?) The tournament says you can follow the draw here.

Today’s recommended reading:
No surprise, it’s by Steve Tignor: Chasing History: Rafael Nadal and Bjorn Borg.



  • If you live in Spain, you can enter a contest to win a Rafa customized KIA.
  • Enter to win a trip to next year’s French Open – courtesy of The Tennis Channel.



Rafa does social media:

  • Rafa shared a photo of himself and Toni checking out the new Babolat racquet.

Tweets about Rafa:
Is Andy planning his revenge?


  • Want to watch this year’s Australian Open final again? The whole darn thing? Like…hours and hours of it? Open the vault.

Lastly, a few photos of Rafa on the grounds at Roland Garros today:


Okay, night guys! See you bright and early for the draw!

15 Responses

  1. Aini says:

    Superb article by Tignor! I hope Borg would be in attendance at French Open 2012 this year. That would be historically significant..:o)

  2. Aini says:

    Hmm..I can’t seem to view the video on DAILY MOTION..must be a bug in my laptop or it’s not available for certain countries (Malaysia,etc)?

  3. Nils says:

    I really want to know Andy’s revenge; he’s been plotting for sometime..hehe.
    Rafa’s pic with Li and Kim is tooo cute and adorkable :)

  4. micamica says:

    The draws on the Roland site. I don’t know how people can keep saying Rafa gets an easy draw at French open when last year he faced big server John Isner who took him to 5 sets.

    This year he faces Raonic and Isner, two tall big servers.

    Good luck Rafa. Can’t wait for French open to start

    • micamica says:

      I meant ‘Roland Garros’ site

    • Ramara says:

      Rafa would only meet Raonic in the quarters, Isner in the semis. I’d be surprised if either of them get that far. I think it’ll be Ferrer in the semis and I think it will NOT be easy. I know Ferrer has never done that well at RG but I think this year will be different.

      Otoh, Djoko probably gets either Berdy or Fed in the semis, speaking of Not Easy. :-)

    • wendya says:

      Not to mention Dr Ivo. Also Denis Istomen has proved to be an awkward customer for Rafa. I remember thinking to myself on the morning of the draw that Rafa would probably draw Raonic or Isner. Not an easy draw at all, especially when the Babolat balls are supposed to favour big severs/hitters.

  5. micamica says:

    I love the friendship between Rafa and Federer, two extraodinary champions.

    The pic with Rafa, Kim and Li Na is lovely.

  6. Sharon/London says:

    Yes it’s great isn’t it? Rafa has an easier draw, makes a change! Expect a lot of Rafa bashing ahead. Nole’ draw isn’t to bad, Fed’s is tougher, if he s good enough he will come through it. Anything can happen, anyone can go out at anytime. I don’t see Murray going far as he is carrying some niggles and he has been disappointing in the clay season so it’s gonna take someone to play lights out gruelling tennis to beat Rafa. Hopefully he will make it #7.

    Li na has a great sense of humour. In her interviews she can be hilarious even tho her English is not brilliant she does make me laugh. It’s a great picture of the three chilling, relaxing and laughing.

  7. Rafacat says:

    Loved the comment about picture #3 and the winner’s lounge! Let’s hope and pray he uses it again this year. Vamos!!!

  8. Annie says:

    Thanks so much for providing the link to the AO Vault. I’d love to watch that match again.

  9. wendya says:

    Feel the same about Simon Reed…his predictions usually = kiss of death :( The way everyone is talking about Roland Garros being a shoe-in for Rafa makes me very nervous!

  10. Annie says:

    Agree the pic of Li, Kim and Rafa is SO fun.

  11. Jummy says:

    i don’t know why anyone would think rafa has an easy section of the draw. Djoker is the one wt the easy draw. If rafa meets raonic instead of Monaco, it could be tricky cos he’s had time to rest after his early exit from Rome, Tipsy or Almagro i hope will be too tired after being in Germany & Nice respectively this week. B4 then, there’re good players in rafa’s draw;Istomin,Karlovic/Mayer,they like to stretch matches even if they may not win.
    Murray is always a tough customer if he is on his game, forget the back injury, i don’t really buy it.He’s been told to quit RG but he hasn’t, so the back is better.we should expect some sort of resistance there.
    I am not saying these players will beat rafa but they could wear him out, remember it is a three or five sets in GS.
    Good enof, Federer feels Rafa is the favourite, so he may help put away Djoker so rafa doesn’t have to exorcise the mental strength he will need to put him away. I feel he would put in much fight to get the Novak Slam.
    I do enestly pray Rafa gets this RG slam.