RafaLint: May 21st

Photo by REUTERS/ Alessandro Bianchi




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  • Rafa let us know that he was back home and snuggling with his trophy.

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17 Responses

  1. Nils says:

    Love the nextpoint.com article Physchic Wreckage. The last line of the 6th para – “I fail to see how this matter was ever in dispute.” Love it. Also “Today proved that, against Nadal on this clay, playing your best is the only way to win.”. So true. Good to see you didn’t include the Racquet Reaction article. But, all said n done..I’m thrilled at Rafa’s win. And happy..tooo happy :) The snugly-with-trophy Rafa photo is just Awwww!!

  2. mafie says:

    I think this is the English version of the full match. The other one links to the Russian version. :)

  3. Susanna728 says:

    The Facebook photo of Rafa and the trophy is adorable! How wonderful to see such a truly happy Rafa.

  4. Jummy says:

    Ramara, i feel the same way too, since Rafa said he would keep the trophy in his room, i thot i might have it as a background pic on my laptop. Then we get to look at it 2gether.
    Luv u Rafa!

    • Mas says:

      Ramara, Jummy, what a great idea! I have made it my lap top background too!

      Now I can see a relaxed Rafa hugging a precious tropy everyday! Love it!

  5. Sharon/London says:

    Does anyone know when the draw for RG will be done. I hope Rafa gets Murray again. I know MIri will let us know ASAP , thank you for this great site.

  6. Julie says:

    I appreciated Nadal on Track – succinct, accurate and fair…on to Paris!!

  7. JK says:

    I loved the article The Persistents, Part II. Infact its funny that when Rafa was getting close to the winning point those words he said after the USO finals were ringing in my mind.

  8. Scooterdan says:

    Love the pocket out of the shorts in the” trophy snuggling” picture,and the fact that whoever was taking it didn’t tell him to fix it. He just seems to blend right -feeling so comfortable- on the island by the sea. It just made my day.
    I really feel those tough matches on the way to the final really helped him succeed against Novak, and I have to believe after last year and all of those losses in the finals, these wins are pretty special for him. Just plain awesome all around.

    • Reva says:

      I’m wondering whether the pocket out of the shorts thing is because Rafa took his phone out of his pocket, to give to whoever was taking the picture and thats how it happened? Cant believe I’ve actually given this some thought! Its SUCH an adorable picture though and what I love most about rafa’s pics on FB/twitter are that they sooooo natural and very rarely staged. He posts how it happens! :)

  9. eva says:

    Yes, great photo with the hair blowing in the wind, the pocket out of its place but the trophy secured in his arms and all is right with the world!!! He was hanging onto that trophy after the ceremony like it was his own kid. I think this win means a lot more to Rafa than meets the eye.