Rome: Quarterfinal presser


Friday’s post quarterfinal presser transcript. (No time for my stupid little comments that don’t really add anything any way.)

Q: What can you tell us about . Can you tell us if you are back in form before RG

NADAL: Well – I played that is not a think of being back on form I played one of my best match on clay against a difficult opponent. I am happy a today and against opponent like Tomas I played well in Monte Carlo and MC and Barcelona also.

Q: There was a moment in the second set when you took 9 games without an error. High quality tennis against a good quality opponent.

NADAL: It was a big match and one of the higher quality matches this year because the level of the opponent is high and he plays with big confidence and I played under pressure all the time under the match and my chances on the return are few and not much and so I have to be focused. I did something fantastic and I went inside with my forehand and my movements were fantastic and yesterday I started to feel very well. I hit a few fantastic shots and this kind of shot comes with the confidence an……….

Q: Just looking at the match with David — yo now him so well and so can you give us some insight on how to prepare for another match agains a person you know so well.

NADAL: You know that to play David I will run and fight a lot and I have to play better than in Barcelona. I don’t stop and its very difficult to play against him because he pushes all the time and I think I can do it and it is normal to lose a set and to lose a set against David is terrible. He is very high level. I know I have to play my best tennis like today — to the limit and tomorrow is another day and I will do it. In this tournament it is normal …. all the best players are here.

Q: Sorry to take the discussion off tennis. You are one of Europe’s high profile football fans. What about tomorrow’s Champion league final – how will it go?

NADAL: I don’t know. Very difficult to predict results in Football. I love how Bayern Munich played the final. Their style and they do play crazy and attack but at the same time I feel that Chelsea deserve to win — they are fighting for the championship for how many years — 8 or more and very unlucky and they deserve to be there. Incredible effort in the semi final in Barcelona and hopefully I will see the match. I am a crazy football fan.

Q: Rafa, I would like to have a comment on Seppi. You are one few top players to lose against him ……. Rotterdam and then inaudible …… What to you think about him – we have no top 10 players … he is good potential – he will be 24 next Monday and what do you think about him.

NADAL: Top 10 or top 20?. If you are 24 you can be top 20. You know, in tennis I don’t’ know. He is a complete player, when he is on rhythm he is difficult to stop as he has timing. Sometimes his serve can be better and you need to serve well inaudible. But you never know because you see a player that you cannot predict that they will be were they are today – if he improves like yesterday and before yesterday and if he is able to win today — 360 points then there you are there. To be in the top you have to close the line and this is the thing, Yes – matches like today you have to play against Federer but what really makes the difference is to play the semi or finals like in Montecarlo or Roland Garros or here – the difference between the quarter and the semi and the final is like 180 – 360 — 1000 you need to go there. If he is ready then he will have his chance.

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  1. Aini says:

    Hmm..i sometimes get a bit of a headache reading “mangle” or “Spanish translated to Englis” interviews/ articles..
    But any news on Rafa is a good read! :o)

  2. killian says:

    Thanks for posting this. And BTW, not to be sucking up to the webmistress, but I LOVE your “little” comments and think they add a LOT. :-D

  3. nolanola says:

    miri, your comments and captions are always a highlight! They give the site a unique personality, so keep ’em coming. “Well – I played that is not a think of being back on form” needs you.

    • WoD says:

      Totally agree! Reading the mangled transcripts from Rome has left me especially frustrated and longing for the pithy Miri comments, but I also appreciate them even for the non-mangled transcripts. Seeing things from a fan perspective brings something different to the interviews, and it’s especially fun when you make fun of the more horrid reporter questions. That said, no pressure, Miri. I understand you have other commitments that come before entertaining your fellow Rafa fans. ;)