Rome: 3rd round presser transcript


Another semi-mangled presser transcript is up – this one is from after Rafa’s 3rd round match against Granollers.

Q: Well done. Were you pleased to get on and off the court quickly?

NADAL: I start the match bad with 2 double faults with my serve but after the first 2 or 3 games then started to play well good forehand and control of the point and going to net conditions were difficult and windy but I think I found rhythm and after 3rd game I played very solid.

Yep, he definitely started a bit off, but worked his way into the match – he ended up firing off some classic bannana shots.

Q: Congratulations. You haven’t played Berdych on clay since 2009 How much has he improved on this surface, the clay?

NADAL: I have to forget that he played the semi-finals in the Roland Garros and he lost in 5 sets to play the finals – He’s a great player and I think that he has win tournaments on clay he played in semi-finals on clay in Monte Carlo against me and he had fantastic results in Monte Carlo and Madrid and so his level is fantastic on clay and hard and grass and he is a complete player and so tomorrow will be a difficult match for me and so if I play my best it will be possible.

I think any of us could have given that answer. ;)

Q: You saying this is your favourite season and you try to improve to arrive in Buenos Aires BA at your best………….. last week before Roladn Garros.

NADAL: I started clay well in Montecarlo and Barcelona without losing a set and and its great to win 2 tournaments – without losing a set and you have to be playing well to do that and then I played bad in Madrid and so I am here on clay and I am solid and well and I played a good match yesterday and today. I always say I go week by week and I always say I arrive to Roland Garros at my best and don’t take take this tournament to prepare me for the rest … I take this tournaments like a very important tournament each one nd I try my best in every match to have the best I can. Roland Garros is in 2 weeks and I am now here in rome and that is the most important thing for me and last week I was in Madrid where the conditions didn’t help.

Buenos Aires? Roladn? I miss ASAP Sports!

Q: Novak will go to the French Open and will have the chance to have 4 Grand Slam titles. You had this chance int eh Australian Open last year. Did you fell the pressure – with everyone talking?

NADAL: I don’t feel that. I arrived at the beginning of the season playing fantastic but I got sick in Doha and I recover but then I got injury in the quarter finals in the 3rd game of the match but I don’t feel pressure – normal game to play your best and that is not pressure. That is enough pressure.


Q: Change to come to Serbia to play an Exhibition match?

NADAL: Sure. I think Novak knows that and I don’t have any problem. I say thank to Novak for to his support to this event in Madrid and I will to do anything to support his foundation.

Thanks for your support.

5 Responses

  1. Rafaella says:

    I have to check your calendar to see if I miss a Buenos Aires tournament before Roland Garros. LOL
    I really thought Rome Open takes place in Rome. Nobody told me it’s in Argentina. :)

    Gotta wake up at 4:30am to watch this QF!

  2. jodiecate says:

    Yeah, i was shocked with the two double faults to start. But everyone’s dfing all over the place – so it’s not just nerves, it the windy for sure!

    Very tactful of Rafa to not mention he has no plans for BA b4 RG, no point ridiculing the journo ;)

    “…but I don’t feel pressure” well, if you say so Rafa, but that’s not always how it looks from out here!!

  3. Rafa28 says:

    If this was a mangle from Spanish could not the Buenos Aires be the reporter or Rafa speaking about altitude and better “air/conditions” in Rome than in Madrid? I might be totally off of course… *blush*

    • jodiecate says:

      ha ha – without doubt it’s a mistake in the translating, i was just pretending too take it seriously

      • Rafa28 says:

        Haha okay. I was just thinking that “good air” could be something they call it in Spanish… :) Of course it would be more fun if it was a total screw-up from the reporter. :P