RafaLint: May 17th

Photo by REUTERS/ Alessandro Bianchi

Light lint – I need some sleep and still haven’t fixed myself some lunch to take to work tomorrow. Rafa plays “Not before 1:30pm” on Court Centrale tomorrow. Vamos!





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  1. jodiecate says:

    That’s a great article by Carlos Moyà about Madrid’s blue clay.
    The most rational balanced account of the whole situation that i’ve read so far.

    • eli says:

      I reckon Moyà went through some very hard times with all his fellow Spaniards players and above all with his close friend Rafa.
      IMO, Rafa should never, ever come back to Madrid, because they have already shown him way too much disrespect: they as in Tiriac, who teased him beyond the level common sense and composure would advice, and as in Moyà himself, who in this article is trying to protect himself (I had no idea the court played like that, it was so different from the one I had been practicing on…) but who is corresponsible of the very tournament which basically cost Rafa the second spot in the ranking system… bacause there is NO WAY that Rafa would have gone out so early in a CLAY court tournament.
      So, despite Moyà’s already mounting pressure, he should go and play Estoril instead, and then saludos to the Madrid crew!

      • Melissa says:

        I agree, Eli, especially as this is the 3rd explanation for the problem. No proof of the cause has been offered for any of the 3, btw — salt, too much rolling, physical consequences of denaturing and augmenting the original red clay.

        Somewhere in all this got lost the understanding that the tennis pros were risking not only their rankings, their income, and their season, they were also risking their season, the year’s remaining tour, and just possibly also their careers. We are now seeing in Rome that some of those who stayed in Madrid are troubled by nagging muscle pains they brought to Rome. And, comparing the play of #1 and #3 in Rome to that in Madrid, I’d say the verdict is clearly, the blue was not clay and the Mutua was no clay-court tournament.

  2. jodiecate says:

    Wow, just amazing – from Magdalina Mircheva’s photos: when you check out the size of Rafa’s left arm in #201,202 that he manages to get it into that skinny little jacket of #204! I guess it must reduce in size very quickly once he stops playing.

  3. Mel says:

    great article by Carlos, it all makes sense now particularly what he is saying about the aggressive players. Anyway Madrid is over for another year, lets focus on Roma!! Vamos