RafaLint: May 10th

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  1. Aini says:

    Still feeling the BLUES…but glad Rafa got out of Madrid “incident-free/injury free”.Now on to the RED, RED clay of Rome and Paris! :o)

  2. RAFAFAN says:

    I was torturing myself by watching the whole match again  . Just an observation (I was too nervous when watching live to notice): Fernando had a LOT of conversations with his box during the match, especially in the third set 4-2 just before he was broken and went on a roll. Not sure if this should been allowed by Mohamed L. The commies did criticize him a lot lately for not officiating matches very well, especially yesterday by allowing Rafa and Fernando to take so much time between points. Another observation is on Fernando’s serve, when he tosses the ball behind him (as he so often does and needs to start his motion again) he went back to the ballboys/girls for another balls and delaying the service considerably. At one point I could see that Rafa was a bit irate by that. And he did it, not once, but a few times – also in the third set. Almost every time after he did that, Rafa lost the point. Maybe it is only me (not looking for excuses), but want to give my 2cent on that. Rafa is at home now and I’m pretty sure he is practising as I’m typing here 
    Saw in an article this morning Rafa said that by trying to adapt to the surface, he nearly injured his hip a couple of times. Better to be out of this blue ice ring made for figure scating. Sad to be in danger of losing his #2 position, but he will be at ‘colm’ with that I’m sure. He have such a way of looking at things that I’m sure his thinking will be that his health is way more important to him then numbers because in Rafa’s words ‘there’s more in life than tennis’.
    Vamos Rafa, the red dirt awaits.

    • RAFAFAN says:

      And want to add – a match can be lost when serve 20+ aces and can be won when serve 10+ double faults (3-in-a-row on occations) ……

  3. Ramara says:

    The presser quotes make me feel a bit better. I was really worried something serious was going on. The last time Rafa had an ‘amazing disaster’ like that was in Miami 09 and we all know what was going on then. :(

  4. Gene says:

    Verdasco played very unfair (not good too) and often made stupid bahavoiur, which annoyed Nadal. It is good for Rafa to have few days off. He never liked Madrid anyway. Let’s see if Verdasco can win against Tomas Berdych.

    There is no way that Rafa will lose his 2nd ranking. Federer needs to win more than just Madrid to be #2. It is unbelievable how dishonest Federer is. I always thought he is an opportunist Swiss.


    • Nils says:

      Federer dishonest?? What do u mean? Didn’t get you..

    • Karen says:

      Unfortunately the Rome Masters points drop off on Monday which is a week too early IMO. Rafa will lose 600 & Fed will lose 90 points, so if Fed wins Madrid he will be No2. Imagine if this had happened before in the past just before Wimbly & Fed lost the No1 ranking because they dropped points a week early. The whole tennis world would be up in arms!!

      • miri says:

        This happens every Olympics year because they muck up the schedule. It’s no grand conspiracy. Points stay on 52 weeks, period. When things shift a week to make room for an extra tournament, things get wonky.

    • miri says:

      If you had bothered to read all the comments in this thread before adding your (a simple common courtesy that I’ve noticed many people aren’t following), you would have seen a few explanations on how it is possible for Fed to gain the number 2 ranking by winning here.

      • Karen says:

        The WTF points are dropping off 2 weeks early this year so that doesn’t follow standard rules. Where are all these ‘ comments in this thread explaining how Fed can gain No2 ranking by winning here’? I read all comments in a post before making a comment, maybe there’s more info I’m not seeing on the site.

        • miri says:

          Well, crap. I’m sorry. That’s a massive mistake on my part – the comments with the math were on the match thread, not this one. I’m sorry.

          I’m not sure about the WTF. They appear to be set to drop at the start of last year’s tournament date instead of the end. Is that normal? Huh.

  5. Gene says:

    Dude – you picked the wrong time to go off-topic and insult a player…and to do it in two separate threads? Time out for you. – miri