RafaLint: May 6th

What? The weekend’s almost over? Where did it go? *sigh* Here’s today’s lint.

Roger and Rafa presser clips, plus practice footage from Rafa:

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Rafa does social media:

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9 Responses

  1. Hello,

    I saw you linked my photos of the Montecarlo Rolex Master in this post.
    The link generated a lot of visits, so… THANK YOU.

  2. Aini says:

    Hmm..still feels odd to see the BLUE CLAY..seems artificial..oh well..can’t wait to see Rafa in action on it! :o)

  3. Patricia/England says:

    I actually like the blue clay (being an oldie I can see the ball much better than on the red)on saying that and being a Gemini I can understand that Rafa really doesn’t like the change. We’ll see what happens next week.

  4. JC says:

    Justcansaythankyouverymuch Rafa, for providing so much top quality thigh porn! It certainly helps removing focus from the shag carpet that is the Madrid clay. It looks like a really cheesy living room from the 70’s ;-)

  5. An says:

    Was yesterday mothers day in the rest of the world?
    Because here in the Netherlands its next sunday…. Rafa scared the hell out off me on fb last night with that post!

  6. Maya says:

    It’s next Sunday here in the states as well. Maybe he just wanted to make sure he didn’t forget his mom amidst all the celebrating next Sunday!!

  7. Sharon/London says:

    Really not liking the blue clay. Dull, drab and dreary and I don’t think it makes it clearer to see the ball, there s no difference to me or maybe I need to go to SPECSAVE!!!!
    What does anyone ese think?

    • leslie says:

      I think the ATP should have respected the players’ assessments of the blue clay and it should not be used if they (the players) think it is impacts their play adversely.