RafaLint: April 19th

Full 3rd round match video:

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Rafa does social media:


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  1. Aini says:

    Cool updates! any Youtube or videos of the Player party? sounds like FUN! (a bit tough to understand the “translation” of the article ,though)

  2. leslie says:

    Great to read Racquet Reaction by Hannah Wilks.
    Hallelujah re Borg’s praise of Rafa as ‘the best the world has ever seen on clay’ and his acknowledgement of the importance of Rafa’s accomplishments and contributions to the game of tennis. Refreshing to see some unbridled praise for Rafa in the media and from a tennis legend of Borg’s stature and talent.
    Bjorn was definitely the most awesome player I ever saw (imho) and after he left I could not summon the enthusiasm to watch tennis except sporadically …..until one day in 2010 when I turned on the tv to Rafa’s first round Monte Carlo match … Since then just like Miri’s headline for today’s match, it is “no contest” for anyone else but Rafa.

    • Sharon/London says:


      Lately all you read and hear about is what Rafa cant do anymore etc…nothing of the great achievements, records etc Rafa has had in the past so for the legendary Borg to have so much praise for Rafa and say such wonderful things is amazing, and we all know he is right.

      Rafael Nadal is the best clay court player ever to play the game.

      • Shamababes says:

        I feel the only person who is doubting that now is Rafa. He has so much talent..but still second guesses himself when serving out matches recently. Why? I have no idea…Sigh.

        He’s going to give me a heart attack.

  3. Serin says:

    Love Hannah Wilks ‘ review and am very proud to read
    legendary Björn Borg’s words for Rafa..

    Hope some so-called journalists read/hear what Borg says about Rafa and learn to respect him ..


  4. Shamababes says:

    Aye…Seems as if my boy looked up at the skies at 2-1 in the second set and said “Need to hurry this one up” Very comprehensive performance. Would OOOOHHHH so love to see him win on Sunday!!

    Loved the aces on clay!!!!!

  5. Keith says:

    I hope Rafa was wearing his seat belt on the trip to the hotel in the pic it looks not. Safety first!