6 Responses

  1. sia says:

    Nice HotShot … all that time in IW with Marc! paying off ;)

  2. muribwanji says:

    Thanks for these vid clips, miri. I had to be at a lunch meeting and missed the match. So these filled me in. Boy’s looking good.

  3. Nora says:


    Thanks for the great pics & videos, Rafa looks great, vamos in the next round:)

  4. Nana says:

    “Who?” “Your uncle.” “Yeah, what happened?” Laughter LOL

    Rafa always gives such great pressers. I want him to explain the secrets of the universe to me.

    I didn’t think the lob could be in cos he barely made it. But wow what a shot, and what an understated fistpump. <333

  5. sunset says:

    I like the sincere, non-dramatic and very mature answer that he gave to the Novak question. In fact, I like all his answers in this presser.

    • Karen says:

      That HotShot was amazing. I always worry though that some of Rafa’s retrieving, like his shot before the winner do damage to his legs. But that’s partly why I love watching him play. He makes you sit up and take notice & I never tire of his simply brilliant shots now & again.