RafaLint: April 11th

Rafa’s getting ready for Monte-Carlo:



Tweets about Rafa:

Tweets from David J Nadal:

@RafaelNadal volvió hoy a los entrenos y puso aprueba su rodilla. Esto contó a @merce_valero para @esportsib3tv :

“Estoy mejor. Pero es el primer día que entreno y hay que ver la evolución día a día” ha dicho @RafaelNadal a @IB3noticies

@RafaelNadal : “No he forzado mucho y veremos como estoy el miércoles que viene que debuto en Montecarlo”

Más de Rafel Nadal a @esportsib3tv : “Afronto la temporada de tierra con la máxima ilusión. Lucharé por estar en las rondas finales”

@RafaelNadal :”La intención estos días es coger lo antes posible un buen nivel tenístico y no tener problemas físicos”

“Llevo 14 dias sin tocar una raqueta y tengo que adaptarme lo antes posible a la tierra”, Rafel Nadal dixit

@RafaelNadal “Desde la final de la Copa Davis que no juego en tierra. Tengo que hacer muchas horas en tierra para adaptarme”

@RafaelNadal viaja el próximo viernes a Montecarlo. Debuta el miércoles en el torneo

Which mangles to:

@ RafaelNadal again today to approve workouts and put his knee. This was a @ @ esportsib3tv merce_valero for:

“I’m better. But it’s the first day I train and have to see the progress every day,” said a @ @ RafaelNadal IB3noticies

@ RafaelNadal: “I have not forced a lot and see how I am next Wednesday to debut at Monte Carlo”

More @ Rafel Nadal esportsib3tv: “I face the clay season with maximum illusion. Fight to be in the finals”

@ RafaelNadal: “The intention is to take these days as soon as possible a high level tennis and not have physical problems”

“I have 14 days without touching a racquet and I have to adapt as quickly as possible to the earth,” Rafel Nadal dixit

@ RafaelNadal “From the Davis Cup final that no ground game. I have to do many hours on the ground to adapt”

@ RafaelNadal travels to Monte Carlo on Friday. Premiering Wednesday at the tournament

28 Responses

  1. “Dixit” is the latin word for “said”, that’s why it doesn’t mangle in English, I suppose. I wonder, do they really use it in Mallorqui in the same meaning?

  2. rafanatica says:

    Is goopy hair a Mallorcan thing? I wish someone he listens to (maybe his mother, or his sister) would tell him that that’s not such a good look for him. I really don’t get it. He’s so gorgeous naturally, all that gunk is so unnecessary.

  3. Fifi says:

    Goopy hair is a something Spanish and Italian men do – sigh!

    Build up for RG begins soon – aahhh! Do wish Novak wasn’t already practising at Monte Carlo. I really hope that Rafa’s knees are better and he can play really well and win! As it says in the ESPN article, not sure how Rafa would deal with not winning this tournament. Must stay positive!

  4. Nic says:

    He’s so beautiful. So good to see him in that IB3 video. What a lot of Rafa news that had to cover in that one segment :) Muchas gracias Mallorca for giving us Rafa and IB3 :D

  5. faeaki says:

    Oh I so hope he can do well in Monte-carlo, this was where he won his first masters and has a special place in his heart for sure… c’mon Rafa!!!

  6. June says:

    Who wears short shorts? Why sexy Rafa does that’s who!

  7. Keith says:

    Looks like Rafa is the main economic asset of Mallorca . His knees better hold up or who will pay for new theatres and music halls and so on? I agree his natural hair is nice, just leave it all as nature intended. With some stubble on those manly cheeks.

  8. Sharon/London says:

    i think Rafa would be disappointed if he didn’t win MC but it would affect him more if he didn’t win RG imo. Shame Nole is playing MC this year but the more he plays the more likely he will be a bit jaded at RG. I really do not want Nole to win Paris, if not Rafa anyone else please.

    • wendya says:

      I suspect Nole is cocking his leg up on what has always seemed like Rafa’s territory to show that he means business at RG…just hope that Rafa doesn’t allow him to get into his head as he has before. I am really nervous about this clay season…it would be devastating if Nole continued to assert his dominance over Rafa, particularly in Rafa’s own back yard.

      • JK says:

        I believe historically Djokovic has always played at MC and maybe skipped one or two years. People are making a big deal about him playing MC this year.
        Djokovic has made it clear his number priority is to win RG and the obvious way to do that is play some clay court events before that.
        This has nothing to do with MC being Rafa’s territory etc.

        Let us put ourselves in Djokovic’s shoes? Our #1 goal would also be to win RG.

        If Rafa has to win slams and be top 1-2 player, he needs to start beating Nole. There is no escaping him – let us Rafa fans acknowledge that Djokovic is here to stay.

        • wendya says:

          I have no doubt that Nole is here to stay and also know that RG is his priority as he has made no secret of it. No one has said that Djokovic shouldn’t play Monte Carlo or that he is playing there just to spite Rafa. I am saying it will only add to Nole’s confidence if he wins at MC, and is likely to damage Rafa’s confidence further. The ideal situation would obviously be for Rafa to start beating Nole…that’s what we all want to see!

        • faeaki says:

          Thats the whole truth of it JK, Nole isn’t going anyway, and its all down to Rafa and only himself can do something about it, his health is a big factor too, lets not forget that.

  9. wendya says:

    Does anyone know when the draw will take place?

  10. Jenny says:

    Why are you so pessimist about Rafa winning on clay, this is another year wait and see. Rafa will win them all on clay because this year he knows waht to expect from Nole.
    I believe in Rafa and I know from the bottom of my hear that he will make it!He was just unlucky in AO but it’s over now because lady luck will get back to Rafa next week!
    Vamos Rafa and Good luck for all the coming turnament, I pray for you to win them all and get back to no-1 quickly !!!

  11. June says:

    Vamos Rafa, you can do it. I hope you will soon have ocho trofeos from MC and seite trofeos from RG ;)

  12. Maya says:

    Djokovich has always been a contender, but I’d rather not acknowledge that he’s at number 1 to stay. As a Rafa fan I’d like to believe that Rafa can take it to Nole this year, continue to make history and regain the #1 ranking. It won’t be easy because Nole will be throwing his heart and soul into every match, and he is super confident, but then were also talking about Rafa who knows how to win a match or two on clay.

  13. Annie says:

    It’s such a shame that tennis has moved away from clay tournaments. Back in the old days there were so many more clay tournies, including the USO! Now there’s just this brief 6-week window where we get to see Rafa in all his glory on the red dirt! It’s my favorite time of year!

    I know we’re all concerned about Nole (well, at least I am). Here’s hoping that Rafa has a stellar clay run! My feeling is if he can beat him at MC and break this final-losing streak, he’ll beat him in all the others!

  14. rafanatica says:

    If Rafa’s knee is okay, which we will see soon enough as tournament play begins, then I am very optimistic for this clay season. I think our boy will vigorously reassert himself.

  15. Aini says:

    I’m TOO ‘NERVIOSS’ to say anything..hope Rafa is BE WITH CALM..