RafaLint: March 31st

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I decided not to link to most of the withdrawal news stories since they were highly repetitive and didn’t offer anything not included in Rafa’s presser.



Rafa does social media:

  • Not all of Rafa’s social media posts were about the sad news yesterday, he made sure we knew about the new Nike video. First he teased us in English and Spanish. Next, the actual video: English; Spanish.

Tweets about Rafa:

Sounds like Rafa might have plans to see the doctor who does the plasma treatments:

Nike teased us about Rafa’s clay season shirt:

Bar Refaeli continues to show us she’s a Rafa KAD:

(Thanks to creamola_foam for retweeting that or I wouldn’t have seen it.)


20 Responses

  1. Aini says:

    Wow! Thanks for the video (nice Bar tribute to Rafa..hehehe..)

    On an unrelated note, a friend played a MEAN JOKE on me on April Fool’s day by messaging me that RAFA was shot by a bullet in a shootout at Miami Airport! I almost had a heart attack! Such a mean joke! NOT funny at all!

  2. aRafaelite says:

    Everyone’s hooked on this two-year rankings issue, as though that’s the only thing Rafa has spoken out on and cares about and the only contribution he’s made to the Player Council. I’m disappointed that journalists I normally think better off are all jumping on that bandwagon too. He’s being painted as entirely self-interested which surely isn’t true (he DID get voted onto Players Council by his peers after all, and it seemed many players were with him & the Andys over the ITF/slams concerns). At least Courtney calls out the people who don’t think his injuries are genuine, but still, I’m getting increasingly frustrated about the way Rafa’s been treated by the tennis press lately. Unimpressed.

    • Nana says:

      I’m sick of the Rafa bashing from all sides. I don’t have access to Rafa’s 2-year ranking proposal but according to another poster from here (was it Sharon?), there was a spreadsheet showing current players standing using the 2-year data and the difference isn’t as detrimental to young players development as people claim? In any case, I don’t think Rafa wouldn’t ha’ve proposed it without careful thought just to make a fool of himself. If he said he has player support I believe him. It’s ok that people disagree but the amount of ridicule he gets is driving me nuts!

      And the abuse he gets re the injuries. I’m not talking the haters who are the vilest creatures on earth. I’m talking about the media and pundits who are supposedly “neutral”. They talk incessantly of Rafa’s grinding style of play and how it’s gonna shorten his career and blah blah blah, and when he gets injured they doubt him? What sort of logic is that?

      I don’t need everyone to love Rafa but I do believe he deserves respect and I’m not seeing much of that from the tennis people right now.

      • sia says:

        I don’t think it is just “Rafa’s 2-year” proposal. I think it has been brought up before and by others. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea at all considering how the tennis schedule works since they play all year round. I think it is based on a 24 month system that still gives points won in the last 12 months more significance. It is just an idea, though … I’m not sure why Rafa isn’t allowed to have ideas ;)

  3. Ch F says:

    This is all so sad! The most positive note seems to come from Rafa himself.

  4. Sharon/London says:

    yep,like i said the other day, sick and tired of all the rafa bashing. NO matter what he says or does he gets criticised.
    Journo’s, commentators, media etc never seem to comment on players who when down in the scoreline start holding parts of their body as if in pain but suddenly all that goes away once they are ahead again or look sluggish and tired then suddenly run around like a lunatic (not mentioning any names).

    All ive heard and read lately is Rafa takes to long at warm up, towels down to often,takes to long between points,has a medical time out at the wrong time but many other players do all these things and nothing is mentioned about them and it’s really making me disillusioned with tennis right now.
    If they dont like Rafa then fair enough but the media should be neutral as it’s very unproffessional otherwise.
    Hope Rafa recovers well, as he is unbeatable when fit and healthy, and i cant wait to see him back.

    Hope Andy can pull off a win tonight.

    • Ch F says:

      I’ve noticed that too but I try to ignore it. However, I would really like to ask all those people who say that Rafa takes medical time outs on purpose and not because he really needs them how they explain the fact that he takes time off the competition in order to recover or, much less frequently, withdraws afterwards. They must think he’s a masochist.

      • Ruthie says:

        Sharon/London, It makes me very angry too – about Rafa’s time between points etc, here is just one example of how biased these commentators (even on Sky), etc really are. In the Novak -v- Andy Miami final, the average time between points came up on the screen as:

        Novak 32 seconds & Andy 29 seconds – exactly the same times as between Tsonga (29 secs) & Rafa (32 secs) in the quarter final.

        No-one even commented on it let alone discussed it in the Novak/Andy match – can you believe it?? When Rafa does something it gets blown out of all proportion but when someone else does the same thing it is ignored or not even commented on. This is just one example but I am sure I can find many more.

        Some of the other players take just as long between points as Rafa if the truth be told! It really makes my blood boil the way they talk about him sometimes. Once I got so mad that I sent an e-mail to the Sky sports tennis team and of course I got no reply. The stuff they come out with at times is unbelievable. I had better stop now because it is really winding me up.

  5. June says:

    I would like to comment on two things here: One, I kind of agree w/some of the statements in that article ‘Looking at Nadal’s Knees’ by the tennis physio. Second, I love Bar’s philosphy on her twitter account: ‘to live is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist, that is all.’ by Oscar Wilde, and believe that’s how Rafa’s life has been. He really does live and doesn’t just exist, that’s why he really goes all out for it, so to speak and probably needs to slow his young body down for a while, and listen to it telling him just that. He doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody IMHO.

  6. patzin says:

    Found the article by the physio very interesting. It is just one pt of view but seems to make some sense about scheduling to ensure longevity to his career. However, Rafa and his team tend to make decisions based on expediency not caution. Fear for Rafa, these knee problems won’t go away & perhaps could be managed a little differently. Bottom line, doesn’t matter what I think. What will be will be.

    Enjoy Rafa while we can as he plots his path through pro tennis.

  7. rafafan says:

    Hi all Rafa fans xx. Don’t worry about the journeys slagging our boy off! They are the ones that are scared. If they didn’t have Rafa to write about who could they? Djok is so shallow, Fed is so full of himself, Murray is well…. just boring Murray, but the one that hits the heart of everyone is Rafa, come knees, injuries, his fantastic playing style, his timing, ticks, OCD issues, his humble, good looks, his charasmatic style, his bad and come good english. Let me tell you the media of this world are so in love with Rafa – and as said before it is reverse phsycology. They wouldn’t know what to do without him – hence all this negative (and now and again positive publicity!). As Rafa would say (if he understood the phrasing in english – it is “water off a duck’s back no?) It keeps all those journalists in work selling papers – especially in tennis. You bet your bottom doller that if Rafa was to quit tomorrow, it would leave a very tasty feel in their mouth.

  8. CC says:

    *yawns* The press like a winner. A winner can do no wrong. Rafa’s not a winner at the moment. He hasn’t been for a while.

    That Bar’s got some butt. Hope Rafa grabbed some of that whilst he had a chance. She’s lovely.

  9. rafafan says:

    Hi CC The press also likes a player, who has been a winner, with their backs to the wall. Even more so than a winner time and again. And they know Rafa has been through thick and thin. There is nothing more exciting than a loser becoming a winner again – in any sport! But especially tennis. As we all know fans can be fickle as well as the media. The knees issue is a concern and the media know it but the one thing they love is a story and if Rafa can win against the knees he can win tennis matches. Period.

  10. Sharon/London says:

    Does anyone know what toni was saying and can translate please as I cannot speak Spanish.

    Thank you

    • Karolyne says:

      Well, someone posted here an italian article. But I saw a spanish article that says more.

      Nadal is already in Mallorca. He’ll gonna rest for at least one weeks. No work. And will visit Dr Sanches to do another plasma infiltration treatment. They hope he can be ready for Monte Carlo. We hope so.

  11. ozTee says:

    Thank you DK for the interview Tony gave. I was searching all last night before bed for some information because some tweets had said Rafa gave an interview at the airport to the IB3. I couldn’t find anything. It is good to know what is going on. Rafa is brave though with these awful knee injections.

  12. Keith says:

    Lets hope the platlets therepy works.