RafaLint: March 29th

Yeah, I’m running very late today. It’s been a very non-fun two days in a row for me. Okay, now Rafa stuff!

100 Greatest of All Time – Rafael Nadal No. 6:

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  1. Aini says:

    Rafa got station ANGEL (London Underground map)!
    How appropriate! :o)

    • robert says:

      Very appropriate, goes with his name. In fact, the station should be called ARCHANGEL, an angel of higher rank (as in Raphael).

  2. Goldenboy says:

    I loved that video, and I hope Rafa is number one when they do it 5 years from now.

    I totally agree with Federer who said that Rafa is very hard to beat when he is fit and ready to go. Actually, I think he is unbeatable in best of 5 when he is at his best physically and is confident.

  3. Susanna728 says:

    I love Tignor’s article about how all the current options for watching tennis have affected how it feels to be a tennis fan and about tennis addiction. It really speaks to how I feel, including the fact that the internet (like Nadalnews) enables us to feel like a community (of tennis addicts)- of course he says it much better.

    • Fifi says:

      Agree Susanna. My friends like tennis during Queens and Wimbledon but otherwise don’t follow it at all, though they know that most weeks I’ll know whats going on and some kindly ask about how Rafa is doing. So it’s great to have websites like this to chat about it all. Also the internet has allowed the enjoying become an addiction. When I wasn’t working last year I was watching a match on TV, a match on my laptop and a match on my husband’s ipad at certain points of RG and Wimbledon. Fantastic if not exhausting. But so worth it!
      Rafa has definitely encouraged my enjoyment of tennis to become an obsession ……

    • Julie says:

      I love Tignor’s article too, very affirming. Sometimes I feel like a “closet” tennis fan. Years ago, when I actually played tennis, I was within a tennis community. Now, my tennis community is online with you guys. While most of my friends acknowledge my addiction, they don’t understand or share my enthusiasm. They do however, know that if Rafa’s playing, I am not available for anything that doesn’t involve watching the match:) My nextdoor neighbor no longer comes running when she hears screams from within my house while I’m engaged in a Rafa match.

      So thanks Miri and to all of you who contribute to this site. It’s such a fun connection. Vamos Rafa against Murray today!!

  4. Annie says:

    not to put a damper on things but I’ve had insomnia for the past couple of nights and am rewatching the Rafa/Tsonga match. In the sixth game of the 3rd set Rafa makes a couple of spectacular volleys. After each point as he’s walking back to the baseline to serve he grimaces, clearly in pain. So it seems the knee issue is back. I hope he had treatment of some kind yesterday and feels better for today’s semi.

  5. ozTee says:

    I agree as well wtih Federer, when Rafa is fit and well he is hard to beat. I wish he could accomplish his rafaslam. I would love to see him achieve this, keep working hard rafa and you will get this.

  6. dk says:

    The 6th greatest-of-all-time clip was nice – thanks Miri. Does anyone have a link to the 1st-5th greatest-of-all-time clip(s)? Thanks.

  7. Sharon/London says:

    If the poll was for most exciting of all time Rafa would definately be no 1, wouldn’t you all agree?

  8. Leslie says:

    Watching the Greatest of All Time is bittersweet with all the comments about Rafa’s abilities when he is healthy and injury free.
    Rafa’s match with Tsonga brought home to me what a colossal waste of talent it will be if Rafa’s body is unable to hold up to let him achieve what he is truly capable of.
    If the schedule is brutal enough to undermine his performance so consistently, at 25 years of age, I really believe we all should be supporting whatever will extend the health and careers of the all the tennis players. Rafa’s suggestions of less mandatory hard core tournaments and a 2 year ranking system are a positive start. I cannot believe a 2 year ranking system should be dismissed because it may be a little less exciting for fans! – IT WILL BE A LOT LESS EXCITING FOR FANS TO DO WITHOUT THE OUTSTANDING TENNIS THAT COULD BE PLAYED IF EVERY PLAYER WERE AT THEIR INJURY FREE BEST! Actually it might cut down on the mania about who is number 1 or 2 or 12, and bring the focus back to enjoying the pure tennis brilliance of each match that is played. Having watched tennis way back when, I don’t recall the thrill of a Borg and McEnroe match depending on how many ranking points either could achieve. It was about the tennis, what each player brought to the encounter, the shotmaking and the outcome of that match. At least the way I remember it, if your player happened to lose that match you looked forward to a rematch instead of being sunk into gloom about lost ranking points.
    I really believe the quality of tennis would be enhanced if the schedule was not so jammed with tournaments that players cannot recover or sustain injury free performances. And even before the all important fan enjoyment of the sport, there must be reasonable consideration to put forth a schedule and surface porportion of tournaments that will not destroy the bodies of the athletes we are all enjoying.
    To use the British expression for the first time in my life, I am absolutely gutted that Rafa has to play through injury and pain on such a regular basis. I think we are all losing by the toll it is taking on his body and the life of his career. Of course, that goes for every other exceptional tennis player affected by the rigours of the current schedule.
    So Vamos Rafa! you have my unqualified support for however long you are able to overcome the beating your body is taking! I wish it could be longer.

  9. Greatest vid about Rafa I ever saw! I was touched and moved to tears seeing RG 2010 again. I hope we get to live such moments again soon.

  10. k says:

    “Fernando Gonzalez” stop makes me sad.. :(

  11. Annie says:

    oh I’m so bummed. TC must have removed the vid from youtube. I didn’t get to see it!