RafaLint: February 15th

Photo by Beth Wilson




  • Team Babolat posted some photos of their visit with Rafa today.

Tweets about Rafa:

  • @JCVerborg tweeted a photo of a “live test” with Rafa. Wonder if he passed?
  • I asked Babolat if they could give us any hints about the testing and they answered: Champions demand innovation. Stay tuned.
  • Golfer Reinier Saxton tweeted a photo from after Rafa’s practice.
  • 10 Responses

    1. Eva says:

      It’s good to hear that at least one French player is giving due credit to Rafa publicly after the doping insinuations.

    2. Mayayae says:

      Gilles has always supported Rafa openly, which is very nice, I think.

      • leslie says:

        Very generous of Gilles to speak out publicly for Rafa – speaks wonders about his own character! As it speaks volumes about his compatriots who remain silent. Have often admired Simon’s on court game and will be cheering him on even harder now.

    3. Eva says:

      It’s funny that Bar is giving the interview while people in the background are screaming “Rafa.” She keeps looking over her shoulder as if to say ” Hey I’m here too; look at ME.”

    4. Susanna728 says:

      I’ve always adored Gilles and now love him even more.

    5. CC says:

      So Bar and Rafa are *friends*? Does that mean that they hang out in town…and watch telly…and go shopping…and talk on the phone…and bake cupcakes together and…yeah, right. Pfffttt.

      • An says:

        Pfffft indeed. I wanna be *friends* with Rafa too…. but that activities won’t be on our list of things to do!!!
        Waste of time when you have Rafa as youre friend, No?;)

        • CC says:

          Well, exactly. Waste of time. ;)
          Rafa doesn’t actually strike me as a man who has girls for friends. But I may of course be wrong.

    6. Keith says:

      Gilles is a nice person and gives due respect to Rafa. I am not surprised it is what I expected. Pity he seems to have been dropped from the French Davis team. He needs to get back to the top ten.

    7. Nic says:

      Bar is totally gushing over Rafa XD Don’t blame her :) It’s obvious she thinks very highly of him. Just see the words she used to describe him. Sweetheart. Wonderful human being. Look at what Rafa does to so many people he meets around the world and in all arenas.