RafaLint: February 6th

Photo by Beth Wilson


Rafa does social media:

  • Rafa let us know he was fighting off the cold weather by practicing: English; Spanish. (Um. I like the length of those shorts, Rafa.)

Rafa also had something to say about Contador:

Here’s a mangle:

Incredible news the counter, there is no definitive evidence and put the highest penalty … SORRY … many minds crack! All my support!


  • To the Woodshed – an interesting look at the difference in how differently Australia and US broadcast tennis.
  • Apparently, it snowed on Mallorca on the weekend – wonder if Rafa played in it? I think snow is pretty rare there. Photos tweeted by MarcCapo: one, two, three

35 Responses

  1. mafie says:

    Toni Nadal’s interview does sound positive. Hope it all results to a more focused Rafa, and no to very little setbacks. Game on. :)

  2. mafie says:

    *no or very little (oops)

  3. robert says:

    Google mangle really mangled things.

    An improved version:

    Unbelievable news about Contador, they have no definitive evidence and they imposed upon him the highest penalty … LAMENTABLE … cheer up ace! all my support!

    • killian says:

      Thanks, Robert. Makes sense now!

    • flissyg says:

      slightly off topic but can you speak Spanish Robert?

      • robert says:

        Not fluent, but enough for reading purposes.

        • flissyg says:

          I’m currently trying to teach myself but having problems knowing when to use “Ser” & when to use “Estar”!! Any tips?!

          • Ramara says:

            lol, waaaayyy back when I studied Spanish in hi school, I was told that even native speakers tended to get confused between ser/estar so don’t feel too badly!

            • Inés says:

              Native speaker tended to get confused???? Sorry I’m a native speaker and I never get confused about these two verbs, and nobody that I know, there are quite clear its use in spanish.

              A hint, when there is a doubt on the use of one of these two verbs is: “Ser” is associated with the essence and “Estar” with the state. That is that “Ser” attributed to subject something that is part of its essence, something permanent and while “Estar” is attributed a state, a characteristic that is not its own but merely temporarily. So it’s not the same “Ser guapa” be pretty always than “Estar guapa” be pretty for a while

          • robert says:

            Perhaps this should help:

            The beauty of Internetz: ask and ye shall find!

  4. Karen says:

    Enjoyed the 1st 2 articles.
    That 3rd photo tweeted by MarcCapo looks very pretty. Can just imagine Rafa being all wrapped up when he goes out in the snow!!
    Would love to see him playing snowball fights with his cousins. That would warm him up.

  5. CC says:

    Played in the snow as in playing tennis? Or as in making a snow hut?
    And playing tennis to get rid of the cold? Is that a cold as in the virus, or the cold outside? I’m so confused now… ;)

    • miri says:

      I want a picture of him making a snowman with a finely crafted wedgie. I wrote that meaning on the snowman, but, come to think of it, either would work.

  6. sunset says:

    The photo of Rafa practicing is HOT. Whatever cold there was would have been blown away by his intensity.

  7. Julie says:

    Did anyone else have trouble with the Monaco article mangle?

  8. Shamababes says:

    Just saw an article from Australia stating that Djokovic (in essence) “took another title from Nadal” ie the Laureaus Award….
    Now…What is WRONG with these people???
    Novak Djokovic merely wants to emulate the success that Nadal has and (hopefully not) build on it. He doesnt have ALL the Slams; He doesnt have a gold medal; He doesnt have three titles on three different surfaces; He doesnt have 10 Slams..I could go on.

    Please..whatever Nadal has can NEVER be taken away. Can only be emulated. Just sick and tired of people talking about who has taken what. Sheesh

    • Julie says:

      With due respect for his talent, I am just tired of Novak…would be easier to take if he were not so arrogant at times.

      • Julie says:

        However, unlike Rafa, Novak will probably never receive the accolades and respect for his stellar character in defeat as well as in victory.

        • Julie says:

          Let’s hope that theory is put to the test soon!

        • miri says:

          Djokovic has been gracious in defeat plenty of times – plenty of those times were after losses to Rafa too. He’s lost some incredibly tough and close matches to Rafa.

          Can we please stop complaining about other players here?

          • Julie says:

            Not complaining…just a moment of frustration. It happens.

          • OzTee says:

            I agree with you Miri. Rafa even stated Djoko being gracious in defeat in his book. I luv Rafa but we must admit Djoko is a great and hard working player too.

            • Emma says:

              it’s easy to be gracious when you win, easy to be gracious when you continue to lose, but to be gracious after suffering a series of losses which happens at the back of a winning streak – that’s true graciousness.

            • sharon says:

              No, we don’t have to admit anything about Djoko. We’re allowed to not like him and to not think he’s all that great. I completely agree with Shamababes. There are too many people who want to put Rafa down and ‘take away’ his accomplishments and personally, I’m sick of it. Rafa has had a much better career than Novak…period.

              • ds says:

                I’m with you! But the forum owner gets to make the rules so I won’t state here what I think of Djokovic.

                • OzTee says:

                  I think most of the time it is how the media put a spin on things and fabricate stuff. When they do this to Rafa it annoys all of us for sure. I couldn’t imagine being Rafa or his family trying to cope with the media but I guess it goes with the territory. Hurry up Indian Wells…I miss Rafa’s tennis already..

  9. sia says:

    Well I’ve always loved the phrase “Rafa is taking …. to the woodshed” don’t know what Tignor is talking about.

  10. Bebe says:

    CC, you crack me up