RafaLint: January 31st

I have no idea what he’s saying, but he’s sure looking tan while saying it:

Rafa Nadal, Presidente de Honor de Lo que de verdad importa en Palma de Mallorca, no pudo estar presente en el congreso pero quiso dejarnos a todos unas palabras…

Which mangles to: “Rafa Nadal, Honorary President of What really matters in Palma de Mallorca, could not be present at the conference but would leave us all a few words …”


And @genny_ss would like to share this blog post – Sr. D. Rafael Nadal – and her translation:

MR. RAFAEL NADAL (by Amalio Moratalla)

Of course I will not say anything different from what you have read or heard about our best player and perhaps best athlete of all time. But my body, the justice and the reason ask me to do it. We can all the adjetives we want to Rafa. There is plenty of room for them and many are not enough. His attitude, personality and mood admit all of them, but in the case of Rafael Nadal, there’s more. Much more, I think. He is a full and honest athlete.

This is golden truth. After nearly six hours of play in the final in Melbourne in front of the ‘tennis machine’, Novak Djokovic, I failed to annotate in my book a single detail to reproach to our player. An example of a fight for a crown without disrespecting the crowd, the opponent, tennis and sport! What satisfaction!

Those of us, who spent many hours watching football matches and their circumstances because of duty, obligation or professional devotion, could see the differences. Yesterday, his 180 pulsations as tennis player – playing almost the equivalent of four football games in a row! – did not prevent him from being a gentleman. In addition, being on court by himself and with an overwhelming physical waste.

I know it is not a contact sport, but whatever. The pressure, the continuity, the intensity… of the actions is so brutal, that each ball is a [different] world. For a few centimeters, millimeters – the ‘Hawkeye’ decides – a game is won or lost. Thrilling emotion. Throughout the Australia Open final, not a bad gesture, no spitting, no pushing, no nasty protest at the umpire, no theatrics, not even a defiant look like those we are fed up of getting on the ‘green field’ of football. This and that are a different matter.

Mr. Rafael Nadal is awesome. As a player, no need for more description. He’s the number 1 -I do not care what the ATP ranking says-. But his values as athlete and human being, as an example to kids and not so kids and to a society as tense as the one in which we live today, are indeed a mirror in which to look at.

Please, let’s not do as usual with a man as exceptional as him: when he starts to lose -and he will, like every human being-, let’s respect the symbol, the person, his example and what he has meant for our sport while he was dressing shorts and what he can end up meaning dressing in a suit and a tie. If, when he decides to quit, we all together do not succeed in getting that his values endure in our sport with him as a leader, it will be a failure of all -citizens, fans and press-.

[I] hope he lasts long! Although what I propose is that he lasts forever, that is not necessary to see him dressing shorts winning or losing against Djokovic to admire him for life.

PS: For matches as yesterday’s there should be two champions. The final should be declared ‘world heritage’, [it should be] shown in colleges and universities around the world and stand as an example of sport, athletes and persons. It had any kind of things and all were exceptional to give a master class on dedication, excellence, elegance and good manners. If we want, like everything in life, WE CAN! And if we do it politely, much better.

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17 Responses

  1. sunset says:

    Gee, there was not one shade of grumpiness on this boy’s face…whatever was being said sounds very convincing when a radiant Rafa says it like this! even though I don’t understand a single word.
    I wonder if this was recorded before Sunday. It is nice to see him like this. Keep it up Rafa.

  2. Kris K says:

    Those eyes looking right at me make me melt! You can imagine him saying whatever you want him to be saying (with a few “Mallorca’s” thrown in).

  3. star says:

    Can anybody translate this please.. would really want to know what he says… He is a GREAT person!! Never have i been so touched seeing him play during the 6 hours… LOVE RAFA!

  4. patricia says:

    He certainly looks better than he did at the end of Sundays final. there were a few “importants” thrown in there (not sure though what these were) – really will have to take a crash course in Spanish but then Mallorcan is different altogether – have to wait for a transcript.

  5. SpanishRNfan says:

    Here it is the translation of Rafa’s words in the video:

    Hello everybody, welcome to the congress “What really matters”. I’m the honorary president… The truth is that for me it is a real privilege to have been chosen as president of this congress. I think it’s a very important congress for all of us, young people, and thus I’m very thankful to the Foundation “What really matters” for having come to Mallorca for the first time. I believe it is a very important and lovely initiative and I hope that you all have an interesting day and that all the values – especially the will to improve yourself – the speakers will talk about, turn out to be useful for you in the future. So, a hug for all… I’m sorry I cannot be there, but I have to practice. Have a good time. See you soon!

  6. Keith says:

    When he says anything it sounds good. Especially at any feel good event. He always is awesome. Reading the telephone directory would be awesome if Rafa was doing it. I would like to be so charming at what ever I am doing!

  7. ds says:

    My husband who grew up in Panama with an equadorian mother) can’t understand a word Rafa says. I don’t think its regular spanish is it?

  8. eva says:

    Yep a world heritage match… And yes a second trophy would be awesome, but the trophy crew was probably asleep past midnight on a Sunday :) Rafa must be as radiant as in this video when he’s talking to someone he likes. Beauty on the inside = beauty on the outside ha. Thanks Miri for giving me yet more stuff to daydream about.

  9. Annie says:

    Just saw this vid. I’m really behInd. oh he looks divine. Did he shoot it at home after returning from AP? Where ever he is it looks lovely.
    S picturing rafa reason the phone book cracks me up – oh yeah he’d totally have some eyebrow action on difficult names. We are such ridiculous fan girls/boys. Do fed’s fans or Christiano’s fans act like us?

  10. Annie says:

    Sorry my spell feature on my iPhone really screws things up. “reading ” the phone book.

  11. Denizen says:

    This video was shot last for an event in Palma last April that Rafa couldn’t attend, along with this other video that the organization waited until now to post. http://youtu.be/VSPwlE3O–8

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