RafaLint: January 26th

Photo by AP Photo/ Aaron Favila




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  1. Susanna728 says:

    Greg Sharko @SharkoTennis tweeted so many great stats about Rafa:

    By reaching 15th GSlam final, @RafaelNadal ties Hall-of-Famers #AndreAgassi, #JimmyConnors & #RoyEmerson on all-time list.

    With 2nd @AustralianOpen final (won ’09), @RafaelNadal has reached title match at least twice in all 4 Grand Slam tourn.

    Overall, 15th Grand Slam title match…and more

  2. patzin says:

    I expected this particular match-up to be a bit dicey for Rafa. It seemed coming into the match that Roger was playing at a higher level than Rafa had been, except the Berdych match tested Rafa and R came out on top and gained back confidence in his abilities. I woke up in middle of 3rd set at about 6am and then thought Roger was going to take the 3rd set and that it would prob go to 5 sets. From my perspective, it seemed fairly evenly played and could go either way. However, Rafa was elevated by this match and match-up it seems, and came through confident and successful. I always love when these 2 compete, it is always special.

    Rafa looks strong mentally which is very good, a good way to start the new year.

  3. mafie says:

    Nice article by Steve Tignor.

    A Roger and Rafa match is sui generis. :)

    I’d like to share this “running diary” of the match from Grantland. It’s funny but a great appreciation of the match. :)


  4. Kamil says:

    Soo, unfortunately we will have next battle between Rafa and NoF*ck and it will be very tough match :)

  5. Jean Zych says:

    I really feel badly for Andy – he deserves a Slam title, however, I’m glad that Rafa will be playing Djok in the final. This is the best possible time for Rafa to face him. Rafa is playing well, feeling confident, with fire in his eyes, and even if he loses, he won’t be mentally destroyed because he knows that his hard work has been paying off and it may take some time to totally reap the benefits.

  6. Sharon/London says:

    dont like nole tactics, he’s a great master of disguise looking like he is spent then running around like a rabid rabbit. I hope Rafa ignores all this and woops his arse, if not this time then in the future.

    • RAFAFAN says:

      Agree, don’t like his attitude on court. Did the same when playing Daveed. Hope Rafa concentrate on the task at hand and don’t get distracted with Nole’s acting (after all he is an actor these days **smile**) dead on court. Strange he only looks like dead meat when losing a point, but after winning the next one he is all fired up and bouncy and lively. Go Rafa, just focus point by point and give it your best. Not much more one can do no? – although you said after Fed match once can always do more. VAMOS CHAMP!

    • Aini says:

      Yeah…Nole is a good “actor” ..looking dead and beat..but then running around like a madman after that…geez!

    • miri says:

      Let’s please stop accusing someone of acting. We don’t know what was going on. I don’t like it when people say it about Rafa, so I don’t say it about other players. Respect has to go both ways.

  7. Lou says:

    Rafa really needs to believe in himself when he steps on the court against Djokovic. It will be for sure a battle of minds!

    • dk says:

      Yes. Even if takes to the court with the mindset that he’s going to lose: OK, so, how can he make it tough for Novak? Go for those shots! May as well go down fighting. If he becomes complacent like in last year’s Wimbly and USO, Novak will take over with powerful shots and crazy angles, taking time away from Rafa.

  8. Patricia says:

    Not a great Murray fan but I actually wanted him to win the semi … think he deserved to play the final with Rafa.