RafaLint: January 13th

More footage from the Bacardi event:

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Per an article by Neil Harman on The Times site (subscription required), it seems that Rafa might be ready to quit the players’ council.

In a move that would further confirm the splits forming at the top of the men’s game, Rafael Nadal is considering his position as a vice-president of the ATP Player Council and may choose to step down today.

The article also discusses Rafa’s backing of a two year ranking system:

“I’m not the only one who likes the two-year ranking,” Nadal said, pointing to the almost unanimous support from his fellow players when they were canvassed at the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals in London in November.

He feels that it will protect players who are injured and will make their comeback from injury easier.

Even with a decent level of support, the idea is unlikely to become ATP policy and Nadal does not want to have to spend more time in the next couple of years pressing political points when he wants to concentrate all his endeavours on playing.

I understand wanting to concentrate on tennis, but he keeps saying he wants to change things for future players. Seems like quitting the council isn’t a step towards that. I mean, I get the way the council is set up, it’s screwed (players and tournaments getting equal votes with the chairman often voting with the tournaments to break ties), but wouldn’t being on the council be better than walking away? I dunno. Maybe it’s just a no-win situation.

I don’t usually don’t link to articles on betting sites, but this one about Almagro had a quote that amused me when it popped up via a Google Alert:

“Almagro was the hot-headed, hard-hitting bad boy, and Nadal was the hard-headed, hot-hitting little gentleman,” said Toni Nadal, uncle and coach of the world number two, Rafael Nadal.

Australian Open predictions:




11 Responses

  1. CC says:

    That longer practice vid showing all the players hitting (and Rafa rubbing himself) has me all excited about the AO. Great!

    So I click on photo “one” and get Rafa towelling himself in lickle shorts. Hopeful, I click on photo “two”, thinking that one will be Rafa towelling himself without lickle shorts. But there is no photo. *sobs*

  2. faeaki says:

    His lovely in blue, loving that hair au natural Rafa!!! *swoons*

  3. Bebe says:

    I think I”m going to have to put Tignor on my shite list. He picks Djokovic over Rafa. I may need to do a media blackout.

    • Karen says:

      If Rafa quits the Player’s council it will be one less thing to fit it & think about. He probably feels he’s getting nowhere fast & may aswell spend more time on his own schedule. Now he’s being sensible.
      Re the Toni quote, Rafa will always be a gentleman.

    • Rafa4ever says:

      I stopped reading Tignor’s articles since his ‘5th in a series on players to watch in 2012’ was published last week. ;)

  4. rafafan says:

    Love the Toni quote and I think if Rafa quits the Council the sooner the better! Look after no 1 I say. It has drained him and if you remember from the US when all that problem occurred with the rain etc.I think he had enough and after that he lost the motivation – not so much the tennis but the fight to keep going for the players adn he was exhausted with everything – don’t you think no?

    PS: Miri when are you going to get the round the world links up. I miss it so much and most of what is up now is short or in spanish. I love you highlighting the links. I know you are doing the day by day articles but ….

  5. timov says:

    Tignor loves Rara! He is just disappointed and his afraid to pick him(just like me)! I just watched the videos from the AO site…and I saw Rafa, so sweet but I think, no confidence at all!…but still… I’m hoping !

  6. Maya says:

    Pretty much “0” confidence at the beginning of the FO last year and look what happened. I’m hoping too. Maybe he’ll surprise everyone including himself. I think it’s time for Rafa to move on from the
    player’s council. He’s taken more than a little criticism for his positions with as I see it,little support from other players, fans and the powers that be in the tennis world. Maybe Nole can take a go at it.

  7. Mindy says:

    I’ve been hoping Rafa would make a decision to step down as VP of the council. I noticed that for the last couple of years every idea that he proposes they say it’s not good; it can’t happen. So, what good is it to be on a council that won’t support anything he comes up with. Waste of time and words. He can use that time to devote to his tennis.

  8. dk says:

    Apparently Toni was interviewed at the AO (not sure where to post this, maybe next Rafalint?):