RafaLint: December 30th


Nadal loses to Ferrer in the semi-finals of the Mubadala World Tennis Championships by Reem Abulleil (sport360.com) has some great quotes from the presser:

“The positive thing is that I spent over an hour on court against a player who is playing with fantastic rhythm,” said Nadal. “I said before that I arrived without my best preparation, so the most important thing is that this match helped me improve. That’s the perfect practice to keep improving a bit.”

And that’s why he’s there – practice against top players.

“His (Ferrer’s) level of legs, his movement was much better than mine today.”

I’ve always been fond of Daveeed’s level of legs.

“My shoulder is better but the problem is when you have an injury with the shoulder all the muscles around lose all the power.

“I felt OK, not perfect but OK, but I need a little bit more power for everything. A little bit more confidence with the shoulder to hit the balls with enough power, to hurt the opponent. I need time for that. You always play a little bit scared of the injury and I need time to play without thinking about that.”

Time and practice. Again, that’s why he’s there and why Doha is still in the picture.

Daveeed won the presser too – best quote!

“In PlayStation he is my rival. I think in PlayStation I am better. In tennis he’s better than me but in PlayStation, I am the Rafael Nadal!”




  • Nida posted some great pictures on twitpic toady – check them out.
  • Two pictures of Rafa and Roger learning some Arabic script from the tournament site: one; two.


2 Responses

  1. Nana says:

    Love the collections of top tweets and gifs. It must’ve taken ages to find those!

    Awww Daveeeed. He’s adorable. Wonder who Rafa is in playstation?

  2. Ramara says:

    Rafa always knows how to make us feel better about his losses, bless him. Love Daveed’s Playstation comment. He’s such a sweetie and he loves and respects Rafa so much.